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I Was Never a Cool Kid

By Olivia Oguma, New York City at 5:04pm
When I was in school I was never one of the cool kids But maybe, I wanted to be Other girls did too The girls who got attention from guys, thought they were cool Whether the attention was good or bad... "It’s better to be noticed than not" someone said. I got no attention but I was happier reading a book I realized.. It’s not always good to be catcalled Called a slut Have people harass you at the lockers Doesn't make you cool It doesn't mean that guys like you To be looked at like that, and harassed like that It’s not a positive thing What puts us girls in such a place that we think it’s ok? When that harassing goes to another level When that harassing turns to assault? Then what happens? What happens when no one will listen, when there is no one to turn to When BOYS WILL BE BOYS is the answer, But really is that ever an answer? Isn't that really a way of saying its OK to behave badly because of your gender? When I was in school I was never a cool kid
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