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Watch Oral Arguments in Prop. 8 Legal Challenge Tomorrow

By Paul Cates, LGBT Project at 2:23pm
Tomorrow, March 5, is our big day in court in our legal challenge to Prop. 8. The California Supreme Court will be hearing oral argument from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. PST. This is the lawsuit we filed the day after the elections with NCLR, Lambda Legal and Equality California, charging that it was improper to put the issue before the voters in the first place.

Urgent Help Needed to Pass Domestic Partnership in New Mexico

By Paul Cates, LGBT Project at 5:34pm

For several years now the LGBT project has been working to pass a comprehensive domestic partnership bill in New Mexico. The bill would provide both gay and straight couples (like the New Mexicans in these videos) with all of the legal benefits the…

Celebrate Freedom to Marry Week

By Paul Cates, LGBT Project at 6:04pm

Today kicks off the 12th annual Freedom to Marry Week. This year, the week is focused on encouraging people across the country to have seven conversations in seven days to move people to support marriage for lesbian and gay couples. Readers of this…

New Administration Brings Opportunity to End HIV Discrimination at State Department

By Paul Cates, LGBT Project at 5:39pm

With all eyes focused on Hillary Clinton’s confirmation to the post of Secretary of State, we here at the ACLU are hopeful that there will be some changes in how the new leadership at the State Department treats people with HIV.

Late last…

Prop 8 Update

By Paul Cates, LGBT Project at 11:51am

Earlier this week, the ACLU, the National Center for Lesbian Rights, and Lambda Legal filed another brief before the California Supreme Court urging the court to strike down Prop 8 which attempted to take away the right of gay people to marry in …

NYCLU Sends New Year's Greetings to State Senator Diaz

By Paul Cates, LGBT Project at 8:27pm

Earlier this month the NYCLU co-hosted an event in the Bronx to discuss the challenges facing lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender families. The well-attended event took place at the Bronx Community Pride Center, which is in the district of state…

VICTORY: Florida Law Barring Gay People from Adopting Ruled Unconstitutional

By Paul Cates, LGBT Project at 2:34pm

Today a Florida circuit court today struck down a state law that bars lesbians and gay men from adopting (see yesterday's blog post for more about the case). The court granted adoptions to our client Martin Gill, a North Miami resident who, along with…

Florida Passes Gay Marriage Ban

By Paul Cates, LGBT Project at 1:35am
Tonight voters in Florida approved an amendment to the state constitution that bars lesbian and gay couples from marriage. This is obviously very disappointing to the many lesbian and gay couples in the state who form lasting commitments just like straight…

Arkansas Passes Ban on Same-Sex Couples Adopting Children

By Paul Cates, LGBT Project at 1:28am
Tonight voters in Arkansas approved an initiative that bans anyone who lives with a partner he or she is not married to from fostering or adopting children in the state. While the proponents of the initiative made no bones about the fact that this initiative…

A Loss in Arizona

By Paul Cates, LGBT Project at 1:02am
Tonight voters in Arizona passed an initiative that bars lesbian and gay couples from marrying in the state. In 2004, Arizonans made history for being the first state to reject an anti-gay relationship amendment that would have barred even protections…
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