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Fresno Hospital Takes Steps to End Discrimination Against Same-Sex Couples

By Paul Cates, LGBT Project at 4:13pm
Community Regional Medical Center in Fresno, California, has agreed to make policy changes and conduct staff trainings to ensure that the rights of its LGBT patients and family members are properly respected. The changes are being made in response to a demand letter by American Civil Liberties Union and the National Center for Lesbian Rights on behalf of a lesbian who was barred from visiting her partner and giving advice about her treatment at the hospital.

New York Senators Reject Marriage for Same-Sex Couples

By Paul Cates, LGBT Project at 5:13pm

Yesterday the New York Senate rejected a bill that would have given same-sex couples the ability to marry. Needless to say, we are deeply disappointed in the outcome. We’ve been fighting for marriage for same-sex couples in New York for years…

ACLU Urges Puerto Rico Secretary of Justice to Investigate Brutal Murder of Gay Teen as Hate Crime

By Paul Cates, LGBT Project at 11:37am

All week the ACLU of Puerto Rico has been closely following the brutal murder of 19 year-old gay man Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado. After learning the details of what happened to Mercado, the affiliate is now urging commonwealth prosecutors to investigate…

Seven Reasons to Vote Approve on R-71: Reason #2

By Paul Cates, LGBT Project at 4:33pm

On November 3, Washington voters will have the chance to approve or reject R-71, a measure that will allow same-sex couples and unmarried opposite-sex seniors to access many of the rights and protections granted to married couples.  We’ll…

Maryland Voices of Equality

By Paul Cates, LGBT Project at 1:47pm

Tonight, our Maryland affiliate is co-sponsoring the premiere of a new documentary, “Maryland Voices of Equality.” The film, which is directed by noted filmmaker and African American lesbian activist Kalima Young, highlights the work of Maryland…

Trouble in El Paso

By Paul Cates, LGBT Project at 5:29pm

According to recent media reports, a group of five men were kicked out of an El Paso Chico’s restaurant on June 29 after security guards spotted two of the men kissing. The security guards are alleged to have told the men that “faggot…

The High Price of Discrimination

By Paul Cates, LGBT Project at 2:18pm

We have learned that the Department of Justice will not be seeking an appeal in transgender veteran Diane Schroer’s victory against the Library of Congress. This is, of course, great news. It means that our case against the Library of Congress…

In Appreciation of Judith Krug

By Paul Cates, LGBT Project at 5:44pm

I was very saddened to learn this morning that one of our nation’s great champions of free speech, Judith Krug, passed away this past weekend. Ms. Krug was the Director of the American Library Association’s (ALA) Office for Intellectual Freedom…

Watch Oral Arguments in Prop. 8 Legal Challenge Tomorrow

By Paul Cates, LGBT Project at 2:23pm

Tomorrow, March 5, is our big day in court in our legal challenge to Prop. 8. The California Supreme Court will be hearing oral argument from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. PST. This is the lawsuit we filed the day after the elections with NCLR, Lambda Legal…

Urgent Help Needed to Pass Domestic Partnership in New Mexico

By Paul Cates, LGBT Project at 5:34pm

For several years now the LGBT project has been working to pass a comprehensive domestic partnership bill in New Mexico. The bill would provide both gay and straight couples (like the New Mexicans in these videos) with all of the legal benefits the…

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