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For Students of Color, It May Hurt to Go to School

By Rachel Garver, Racial Justice Program at 3:34pm
African-American students are referred to special education at a rate over two times the national average and over three times the rate at which white students are referred to special education programs. They comprise 36.9 percent of the special education population, but only 16.8 percent of the entire U.S. student population.

Atlanta Public Schools Ends Relationship with Private Contractor, Community Education Partners, Under ACLU Pressure

By Rachel Garver, Racial Justice Program at 1:01pm

Today, the ACLU filed a motion to dismiss Community Education Partners (CEP) from a federal class action lawsuit challenging the inadequate education provided to the students attending the Atlanta Independent School System's (AISS) alternative school, Forrest Hill Academy. In 2008, the ACLU filed the lawsuit against both CEP and AISS in an effort to improve the conditions at Forrest Hill Academy, where students with alleged disciplinary problems were sent.

CEP, a for-profit company, ran Forrest Hill Academy since 2002, but under the pressure of the ACLU's lawsuit, AISS announced in May that it would not renew its contract with CEP.

Our public education system was envisioned to be just that: public. There are multiple private companies that seek to capitalize off educating and rearing our children, treating them as commodities rather than developing people. The nonrenewal of CEP's contract marks a victory for children in Atlanta — especially children of color — who were all at risk of being sent to CEP's alternative school. It will also hopefully thwart other school districts around the country from hiring private companies to run public schools.

Racial Profiling: “That's Just a Fact.”

By Rachel Garver, Racial Justice Program at 9:42pm

Racial profiling was in the news this week because Henry Louis Gates, Jr., a world-renowned Professor of African-American studies at Harvard University, was a victim. However, it is important to remember that this story is news because of the identity…

The Potency of Affirmative Action

By Rachel Garver, Racial Justice Program at 4:25pm
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In an interview with the Associated Press on July 2, President Obama commented on affirmative action. He said, "I've always believed…

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