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Op-Eds and Legislation Supporting Comprehensive Sex Education

By Rachel Hart, Reproductive Freedom Project at 4:13pm
Over the last couple days, several op-eds supporting comprehensive sex education have appeared in papers across the country. The Citrus County Chronicle discusses a new bill in the Florida Legislature that would require schools to notify parents about the content of sex education classes. The writer calls on lawmakers to "stop putting moral Band-Aids on a crisis that ultimately affects our entire community." In other words, instead of focusing on parental notice for sex ed classes, lawmakers should turn their attention to the actual content of curricula and ensure that teens learn how to prevent unintended pregnancy and STDs. A column in the Plainview Daily Herald out of Texas looks at a recent Worth the Wait presentation at Coronado Junior High and Plainview high school. In response to Worth the Wait's abstinence-only-until-marriage approach, the author asks: "Why can't we acknowledge reality, put aside the things of yesteryear and adjust to the ever-changing facts and facets of contemporary life?" In Ohio, where state officials have said that there will be no new applications for federal abstinence-only-until-marriage dollars after the current funding cycle ends on September 30, and the governor's recent budget stripped $1 million in state aid for abstinence-only-until-marriage programs, an op-ed questions whether it is wise to turn down the money. Lies We Teach Teenagers

By Rachel Hart, Reproductive Freedom Project at 6:25pm features an op-ed today from the ACLU's very own Julie Sternberg. Here's a snippet: Adolescence. We've all been there, and I would bet that most everyone remembers how awkward it can be. Hormones surge. Bodies transform. And suddenly there…

News Round-Up: Sexuality in sex ed, fertility, the importance of religious leaders in preventing teen pregnancy, and a look at Sweden.

By Rachel Hart, Reproductive Freedom Project at 3:35pm
Two articles on sex ed grace the pages of The Washington Post this week. One examines national trends surrounding the teaching of sexuality in sex ed classes. Not surprisingly, whether or not gay and lesbian issues are addressed, and if they are, how…

TV and radio segments on abstinence-only programs

By Rachel Hart, Reproductive Freedom Project at 6:56pm

The Today Show on NBC had a segment this morning on Purity Balls -- these balls seem to be getting a lot of attention as of late. You can watch the video here.

Also NPR ran a really interesting story this week on a church in Washington state…

I'm Taboo

By Rachel Hart, Reproductive Freedom Project at 11:23am
Sex, Etc., a national magazine and Web site on sexual health written by and for teens, has launched a new campaign to promote comprehensive sex education called "I'm Taboo." The campaign provides teens with a forum to submit videos and written submissions…

News Round-Up: Iowa, Maine, Maryland, New York, Ohio, Texas, and Washington

By Rachel Hart, Reproductive Freedom Project at 2:47pm
Iowa: An editorial in The Tribune calls on schools to "just say no" to The Power Team after a recent assembly at Ames Middle School. The Power Team uses feats of strength to deliver a message of abstinence-only-until-marriage to teens. A local parent…

Wisconsin Says No to Federal Dollars!

By Rachel Hart, Reproductive Freedom Project at 5:31pm
The Associated Press is reporting that Governor Jim Doyle of Wisconsin has directed the state to turn down about $600,000 in federal abstinence-only-until-marriage money because new rules would limit how much recipients could talk about contraception…

Outsourcing Sex Ed to Crisis Pregnancy Centers

By Rachel Hart, Reproductive Freedom Project at 3:57pm
Marc Fisher, the Metro Columnist for The Washington Post, has a great piece in today's paper about the "gum game" controversy in Montgomery, Maryland, that I blogged about yesterday. Fisher notes that all parties seem to be in agreement that the game…

Valentine's Day News Round-Up: California, Colorado, Florida, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin

By Rachel Hart, Reproductive Freedom Project at 3:19pm
Happy Valentine's Day -- or as The Liberty Council calls it "The Fourth Annual Day of Purity." Ever wondered what sorts of demonstrations take place in abstinence-only-until-marriage programs? Here's a sampling from recent news articles: In Montgomery,…

Glamour on Purity Balls

By Rachel Hart, Reproductive Freedom Project at 5:04pm
Over the course of this blog I've discussed father/daughter Purity Balls, and even recently the introduction of a mother/son Integrity Ball. Purity Balls, an off-shoot of the abstinence-only-until-marriage movement, bring fathers and daughters together…
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