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Rachel Myers is a senior communications strategist at the ACLU focusing on criminal justice issues. She worked previously at the ACLU of Maine and the Portland (ME) Education Partnership, where she trained teachers, students and community organizations to use service learning in the public schools. She is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin.

New Chance for Justice in Alabama

By Rachel Myers, ACLU at 10:00am
This week we got the welcome news that the state of Alabama will not appeal a ruling ordering a new trial for ACLU client Montez Spradley, who was sentenced to death despite inadequate and very weak evidence, after his trial judge rejected the jury’s 10-2 vote for a life sentence .
Troy Davis Execution Set — Take Action Today!

Troy Davis Execution Set — Take Action Today!

By Rachel Myers, ACLU at 9:34am

The State of Georgia plans to execute Troy Davis at midnight on September 21, even though he is very likely innocent.

Davis has been scheduled for execution three times before, and three times his execution has been stayed amid doubts and…

The Unfriendly Skies: JetBlue/TSA Officials Pay $240,000 for Grounding Arabic T-Shirt

By Rachel Myers, ACLU at 4:34pm

When it rains, it pours… stories about discrimination at the airport. As AirTran Airways scrambled to make good after excluding a Muslim family from one of their flights last week, a discrimination case from 2006 was settled when two Transportation…

Guilt by Association

By Rachel Myers, ACLU at 2:56pm

A federal court dealt a blow today to the freedoms of speech and association, and the First and Fifth Amendment rights of Zeinab Taleb-Jedi — a 53-year-old U.S. citizen who lives in a homeless shelter. The government accuses this former…

Replace the Death Penalty in California

Replace the Death Penalty in California

By Rachel Myers, ACLU at 2:55pm

Imagine for a minute that all the public busses in California sat dormant in a parking lot, never to run again. Imagine that the public schools sent all the kids home for good. Imagine also that state’s hospitals shuttered their doors and turned…

Execution in Texas, Despite So Much

By Rachel Myers, ACLU at 8:25pm

Today, Texas executed Humberto Leal Garcia, a Mexican national who was tried, convicted and sentenced to die in the state of Texas without ever being given access to the Mexican consulate. Most agree his sentence would have been different if he had…

"Doe" No Mo'!

By Rachel Myers, ACLU at 1:39pm

Well, we can finally say it: John Doe is Nicholas Merrill! For the first time since the FBI served him with a national security letter (NSL) and placed him under gag more than six years ago, Nick can finally speak out about his experiences as the…

Defendants 2 through 2,000

By Rachel Myers, ACLU at 11:10am

Update! The judge in two movie industry lawsuits against BitTorrent users has ordered the plaintiffs to explain why they lumped thousands of users into only two lawsuits. U.S. District Judge Rosemary M. Collyer of the District of Columbia issued…

Omar Khadr Is Not a Military Commissions Guinea Pig

By Rachel Myers, ACLU at 4:18pm

The New York Times ran an excellent editorial today underscoring the injustice of prosecuting alleged former child soldier Omar Khadr in the first military commissions trial since the Military Commissions Act (MCA) of 2009.

Despite improvements…

Let the Sunshine In

By Rachel Myers, ACLU at 1:54pm

The last signs of Snowpocalypse have long since disappeared, and the cherry blossoms are starting to peek through. Spring is making its triumphant return. But even though we've got an extra hour of daylight to look forward to, some folks in our…

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