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Nevada's Real ID Showdown

By Rebecca Gasca, ACLU of Nevada at 2:52pm
Ah, yes, Real ID—the federally mandated (and underfunded) de facto national identification program that raises serious concerns for civil libertarians everywhere. While some state governments have said "no thanks" to Real ID for numerous reasons, including its cost and its threats to privacy, Nevada Gov. Jim Gibbons decided to ignore all of this and implement the program late last year.

Democracy Tarnished in the Silver State

By Nicole Kief, ACLU & Rebecca Gasca, ACLU of Nevada at 6:01pm

We had hoped that, amidst a sea of restrictive voting initiatives across the country, Nevada would be a beacon of light. But today, with a stroke of Gov. Brian Sandoval’s pen, the Silver State jumped on the voter suppression bandwagon.


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