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Peace Corps Changes Position on HIV-Positive Volunteers

By Robert Nakatani, LGBT Project at 3:46pm
There's been a good development in the case of Jeremiah Johnson, the Peace Corps volunteer whose services were summarily terminated when he tested positive for HIV. Johnson, you might remember, was told he could not finish his service in the Ukraine or anywhere else even though he was asymptomatic.After pressure from the ACLU, and many current and former volunteers, the Peace Corps administration has had a change of heart, agreeing that it will no longer automatically terminate volunteers with HIV. The Peace Corps has promised to conduct an individual assessment of each volunteer who tests positive to determine the best steps to take to protect the volunteer’s health while also allowing the volunteer to continue his or her service when feasible.

Two ACLU Attorneys Named "Best LGBT Lawyers Under 40"

By Robert Nakatani, LGBT Project at 11:30am

The National LGBT Bar Association recently announced the recipients of its inaugural Best LGBT Lawyers under 40 Award, and we're happy to note that two ACLU attorneys are among that select group. Christine Sun, senior counsel for the ACLU LGBT &…

Top 10 LGBT Rights Developments of the Decade

By Robert Nakatani, LGBT Project at 3:28pm

The 'aughts' were a decade of rapid progress — and some setbacks — for LGBT rights. These are the top 10 developments, as we see them, for LGBT Americans these last 10 years.

10. State sexual orientation nondiscrimination laws…


By Robert Nakatani, LGBT Project at 10:57am

On February 19, 1956, the sheriff of San Mateo County, just south of San Francisco, forced his way through a crowd of patrons in a bar called Hazel’s, owned by Hazel Nickola, jumped on the bar and shouted, "This is a raid!" His deputies then hauled…

Victory in Discrimination Case Highlights Need for ENDA

By Robert Nakatani, LGBT Project at 11:03am

Brian Prowel, a gay man, worked for Wise Business Forms, a producer and distributor of business forms, at its Butler, Pennsylvania facility. The work environment was intensely “blue-collar macho.” In stark contrast to the other men at Wise, Brian…

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