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A Call to Action for Women of All Beliefs

By Selene Kaye, ACLU at 12:27pm
Lisa Valentine's arrest on Tuesday is yet another example of the discrimination that Muslim women who wear hijab (headscarves) face on a daily basis. Valentine was told that she could not enter the courthouse in Douglasville, Georgia, unless she removed her hijab, and was jailed for contempt of court when she refused to do so. "I just felt stripped of my civil, my human rights," the AP reported Valentine saying. The ACLU of Georgia has expressed grave concern over policies that deny court access to Muslim women and followers of other faiths who wear religious headgear.

Standing up for the Rights of Domestic Workers on International Migrants Day

By Selene Kaye, ACLU at 1:46pm

Remember the Long Island millionaire couple convicted of enslaving two domestic workers they had brought to the U.S. from Indonesia? Although this story got much more media attention than other similar occurrences, it is far from an isolated event.…

BRCA, Genetic Testing, and Civil Liberties: It's What Christina Applegate, Oprah, and PBS Are All Talking About

By Selene Kaye, ACLU at 7:15pm

The BRCA (breast cancer) genes have been at the forefront of a lot of conversations these days. All men and women have the BRCA genes, but some of us have hereditary mutations along these genes that have been linked to breast and ovarian cancer. In…

DOC Doesn't Get It

By Selene Kaye, ACLU at 5:48pm

On Wednesday, nearly nine months after the ACLU filed a lawsuit challenging the transfer of 40 women prisoners from New Jersey's women's prison to a men's supermax prison, the Department of Corrections (DOC) transferred the women back.

GAO Report Highlights State Department Abandonment of Domestic Workers

By Selene Kaye, ACLU at 2:32pm

Earlier this week, the Government Accountability Office released a human rights report (PDF) documenting the abuse and exploitation of domestic workers by foreign diplomats in the U.S. As described by Kirk Semple on the New York Times blog, this…

Fair Housing Settlement a Victory for Domestic Violence Survivors

By Selene Kaye, ACLU at 3:19pm

The ACLU received this month a settlement compliance report from Management Systems, Inc., the Detroit property management company that illegally evicted Tanica Lewis in 2006 because of property damage caused by her abusive ex-boyfriend, against whom…

Strip-Searching and Solitary Confinement of Girls at Texas "State School"

By Selene Kaye, ACLU at 1:53pm
Entrance to "Freedom Dorm" at Brownwood State School

It could not be more ironic that one of the buildings that contains the holding cells of the Brownwood State School – a high-security youth prison in central Texas — is called “Freedom…

It's Not Choice, It's Inequality

By Selene Kaye, ACLU at 1:55pm

Today the ACLU filed an amended complaint in federal court charging that Breckinridge County, Ky., and the U.S. Department of Education are violating the law by allowing sex segregation in public schools. The ACLU lawsuit expands a previous lawsuit…

Three Women's Rights Victories on the Eve of Women's History Month

By Selene Kaye, ACLU at 4:03pm
This has been an exciting week for women's rights in the courts, a fitting lead-in to Women's History Month, which begins tomorrow, March 1. In three victories this week, the ACLU Women's Rights Project continued to chip away at the gender inequity that…
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