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Seizing the Moment to Engage the Obama Administration in Real Change for Women and Girls

By Selene Kaye, ACLU at 8:39pm
Tomorrow will mark International Women’s Day, providing an opportunity both to celebrate women and the strides we’ve made towards equality, and to recommit ourselves to the ongoing struggles for women’s rights.

BRCA, Genetic Testing, and Civil Liberties: It's What Christina Applegate, Oprah, and PBS Are All Talking About

By Selene Kaye, ACLU at 7:15pm

The BRCA (breast cancer) genes have been at the forefront of a lot of conversations these days. All men and women have the BRCA genes, but some of us have hereditary mutations along these genes that have been linked to breast and ovarian cancer. In…

Families Untied: Public Housing Banning Policy Tears Families Apart

By Selene Kaye, ACLU at 3:56pm
(Cross-posted to Daily Kos and Feministing.)

What if the government told you your family couldn't live together? That your father, or your son, or your boyfriend couldn't even come over to your house to visit? That if he did visit you, he would…

Some Priorities for Obama’s New Violence Against Women Advisor

By Selene Kaye, ACLU at 6:29pm

Last Friday Vice President Biden announced the appointment of Lynn Rosenthal as the White House Advisor on Violence Against Women, the first time such a position has existed. We welcome the high-level attention this will bring to violence against…

Engaging with the Obama Administration to Advance the Human Rights of Women

By Selene Kaye, ACLU at 2:11pm

President Obama hit the ground running on women's rights when, in his second week in office, he made the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act the first major bill he signed into law.

This week, human rights advocates will gather at the United Nations…

Another Victory in the Fight Against Sexual Harassment

By Selene Kaye, ACLU at 1:56pm

The Supreme Court ruled yesterday that speaking out about sexual harassment at work shouldn't cost you your job. This comes on the tails of last week's ruling that students who are sexually harassed can bring claims under both Title IX and Section…

DOC Doesn't Get It

By Selene Kaye, ACLU at 5:48pm

On Wednesday, nearly nine months after the ACLU filed a lawsuit challenging the transfer of 40 women prisoners from New Jersey's women's prison to a men's supermax prison, the Department of Corrections (DOC) transferred the women back.

Fair Housing Settlement a Victory for Domestic Violence Survivors

By Selene Kaye, ACLU at 3:19pm

The ACLU received this month a settlement compliance report from Management Systems, Inc., the Detroit property management company that illegally evicted Tanica Lewis in 2006 because of property damage caused by her abusive ex-boyfriend, against…

Three Women's Rights Victories on the Eve of Women's History Month

By Selene Kaye, ACLU at 4:03pm
This has been an exciting week for women's rights in the courts, a fitting lead-in to Women's History Month, which begins tomorrow, March 1. In three victories this week, the ACLU Women's Rights Project continued to chip away at the gender inequity that…
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