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Ideological Exclusion Again?

By Suzanne Ito, ACLU at 1:02pm
Today, the ACLU sent letters to the Departments of State and Homeland Security asking them to grant a visa to Kerim Yildiz, a British citizen living in London. Yildiz, the executive director of the U.K.-based Kurdish Human Rights Project (KHRP), has apparently been refused a visa to enter the U.S., and we worry that the delay — which has lasted nearly a year — relates to his human rights advocacy on behalf of Kurds in Turkey, Iraq, and elsewhere.

Coalition Files Lawsuit Against Arizona's Racial Profiling Law

By Suzanne Ito, ACLU at 5:17pm

Arizona upended the basic tenets of a free society when its governor signed S.B. 1070, a law that requires police officers in that state to demand papers proving the citizenship or immigration status of people they stop if the officer has some undefined…

Fight the Texas Textbook Takeover!

Fight the Texas Textbook Takeover!

By Suzanne Ito, ACLU at 12:14pm

The Texas State Board of Education plans to amend the state's social studies curriculum so it comports with the personal ideological and religious beliefs of some board members. The 30-day comment period is open, and all Americans are invited to give their input!

On the Agenda: Week of April 9-13, 2012

On the Agenda: Week of April 9-13, 2012

By Suzanne Ito, ACLU at 12:02pm

Congress is still in recess this week, but we're looking ahead and planning on some big events later in the month.

Equal Pay Day will fall on April 17 this year, marking how far women, on average, have to work into 2012 to be paid the same…

Banned Books Week Kicks Off Tomorrow!

Banned Books Week Kicks Off Tomorrow!

By Suzanne Ito, ACLU at 4:56pm

Earlier this week, Reuters reported that a school district in Missouri agreed to lift its ban on Slaughterhouse-Five and Twenty Boy Summer, two books the district had completely banned from its libraries. Thanks to a coalition of censorship opponents,…

ACLU's Anthony Romero Discusses Police Brutality in Puerto Rico on NPR

By Suzanne Ito, ACLU at 5:20pm

Today, ACLU Executive Director Anthony Romero spoke with NPR's Michel Martin about last week's release of a Justice Department investigation excoriating the Puerto Rican police for civil rights violations, corruption and illegal conduct. Listen…

Sky-High Murder Rate in Puerto Rico Puts Police Under Scrutiny

By Suzanne Ito, ACLU at 2:28pm

Today's New York Times reports the sky-high murder rate in Puerto Rico has put the territory's police department — the second largest in the nation behind New York — under pressure to ramp up training and instruction, as well as coordination…

Victory! North Carolina Settles ACLU/Amazon Privacy Case

By Suzanne Ito, ACLU at 11:57am

We're thrilled to announce a win for privacy! The North Carolina Department of Revenue (NCDOR) has agreed to stop asking for personally identifiable customer information in combination with details about the titles of customers' purchases from Internet…

When Free Speech Isn't Really Free

By Suzanne Ito, ACLU at 5:25pm

When is free speech not really free? (This isn't a riddle, unfortunately.)

It's when your First Amendment-protected rights are subject to unlawful government surveillance. Since 9/11, law enforcement agencies across America have continued…

It's Your Move, Congress: Stand Up for Net Neutrality

By Suzanne Ito, ACLU at 5:12pm

Today, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to adopt a new open internet rule. We were critical of this rule when FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski first announced it at the beginning of the month, and we remain skeptical.


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