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When Free Speech Isn't Really Free

By Suzanne Ito, ACLU at 5:25pm
When is free speech not really free? (This isn't a riddle, unfortunately.)
Traveling for the Holidays? Or Just Celebrating? Know Your Rights!

Traveling for the Holidays? Or Just Celebrating? Know Your Rights!

By Suzanne Ito, ACLU at 4:39pm

Heading to the airport for the holidays? By now, you know there's a possibility you could be pulled aside for a secondary screening and asked to submit to naked body scanners . If you'd rather not give TSA screeners a holiday peep show, you can…

New Study Shows Death Penalty in Decline Nationwide

By Suzanne Ito, ACLU at 4:32pm

Earlier this week, the Death Penalty Information Center (DPIC) released its annual year-end report finding a 12 percent decrease in executions in 2010 compared to last year: 46 people were executed this year, compared to 52 in 2009. Most of the…

Sen. Sessions is Concerned About "ACLU DNA" in Judicial Nominees

By Suzanne Ito, ACLU at 5:08pm

You might've heard that yesterday, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) expressed his concern to members of Congress that some of President Obama's judicial nominees have ACLU affiliations and exhibit an "ACLU chromosome."

TSA Pulls Aside Humorist Dave Barry for "Blurred Groin"

TSA Pulls Aside Humorist Dave Barry for "Blurred Groin"

By Suzanne Ito, ACLU at 5:07pm

We have been hearing (and repeating ourselves) that you have options when you go the airport. That is, if you're pulled aside for secondary screening, you have a choice between going through the strip-search machine or being given an "enhanced…

Happy ACLU Day!

Happy ACLU Day!

By Suzanne Ito, ACLU at 12:40pm

Seriously: New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg proclaimed today, September 15, American Civil Liberties Union Day in honor of our 90th anniversary! (Yes, proclaimed! Check out the proclamation right here! Official seals and everything!)

We Won! Appeals Court Finds Anti-Immigrant Law Unconstitutional

By Suzanne Ito, ACLU at 2:03pm

Today, the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals found the city of Hazleton, Pennsylvania's anti-immigrant laws unconstitutional.

In August 2006, the city of Hazleton passed a law that would punish landlords and employers accused of renting to or…

No More "Squirrel Cages" in Louisiana's St. Tammany Parish

By Suzanne Ito, ACLU at 3:13pm

Last month, we told you about the "squirrel cages" in Louisiana: 3-by 3-foot metal cages that St. Tammany Parish officials use to detain mentally ill, suicidal prisoners. The ACLU of Louisiana sent a letter (PDF) to parish Sheriff Jack…

Death Row Defendant Gets Reprieve From Horrid Lawyering

By Suzanne Ito, ACLU at 11:09am

Yesterday, the Supreme Court found that the one-year statute of limitation to file for  federal habeas corpus review under the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act (AEDPA) of 1996 can be put on hold in certain circumstances, including…

Report Finds Racially-Biased Jury Selection in the South

By Suzanne Ito, ACLU at 11:25am

A new report (PDF) out yesterday by the Equal Justice Initiative (EJI) finds that in the South, African-Americans are routinely excluded from juries, especially in serious criminal trials and death penalty cases. The New York Times reports:

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