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Denying Education is Denying Opportunity

By Tiffany Donnelly, Racial Justice Program at 5:03pm

Today, the North Carolina Supreme Court heard the case of two young women in Beaufort County who were egregiously punished for their involvement in a weaponless schoolyard fight. These two African-American students were not only expelled from…

Florida Failing Its Schoolchildren, High Dropout Rates Violate State Constitution

By Tiffany Donnelly, Racial Justice Program at 1:30pm

Last week, the ACLU filed a class-action lawsuit against Florida state officials for violating the state constitution, which guarantees a free "uniform, efficient, safe, secure and high quality" public education to its citizens. In Florida's…

Equal Opportunity Triumphs Again in Missouri

By Tiffany Donnelly, Racial Justice Program at 10:43am

Good news, civil rights advocates: Late Friday, a Missouri circuit court judge struck down a proposed ballot initiative aimed at amending the state constitution to outlaw equal opportunity programs in the state. This ACLU victory is something to…

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