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What's Abstinence Got to do With Degrading Single-Parent Families?

By & & Brigitte Amiri, ACLU Reproductive Freedom Project & Tricia Herzfeld, ACLU of Tennessee at 1:07pm
"Mom, am I more likely to go to jail because you and Dad aren't married?" Imagine your sixth grader coming home and asking you that question after being taught family life in school. That's what happened to Caroleigh Heaton in Maryville, Tennessee. Ms. Heaton contacted us, and we obtained the abstinence-only-until-marriage program used throughout the Maryville school district. We found that in addition to withholding vital information that kids need to make healthy decisions about sex, the program also advanced questionable "facts" that implied that children from single-parent homes — especially homes without a father — were doomed to a lower rate of success than their classmates from two-parent homes. The program emphasized that kids from fatherless homes were significantly more likely to exhibit behavioral disorders, drop-out of school or go to prison.

Nashville Still Friendliest City in the World "English First" Law Fails

By Tricia Herzfeld, ACLU of Tennessee at 12:42pm

Yesterday the people of Nashville showed that they will continue the city's fine tradition of openness, inclusiveness and hospitality. In an expensive special election, they roundly rejected councilman Eric Crafton's divisive "English First"…

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