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Core Civil Liberties Threatened in State Legislatures: Three Trends to Watch

State legislatures are ground zero in the fight for civil liberties. Although they may not attract as much attention as debates in Congress or arguments in the Supreme Court, they are the source of unprecedented assaults on our most fundamental rights.

A Police State

By Vivek Malhotra, ACLU at 4:44pm

(Originally posted on the New York Times' s Room for Debate blog.)

Arizona's new law is a watershed moment for its blatant disregard of America's most fundamental values of fairness and equality. While there's been no shortage of discriminatory…

Government Abuses in Immigration Enforcement: Is this the America We Want to Live In?

By Vivek Malhotra, ACLU at 8:12pm

Yesterday at the membership conference, the ACLU of Texas, ACLU of New Mexico, and ACLU of Massachusetts kicked off the morning with a deeply affecting plenary discussion about the real-life human impact of the government’s abuse of core constitutional…

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