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A Mosque in Maine

By Zachary Heiden, Maine Civil Liberties Union at 1:19pm
If all goes well, the Portland Masjid and Islamic Center will receive approval tonight for the establishment of a small mosque in Maine’s largest, and most ethnically diverse, city. It is the culmination of a five-year effort, which has included numerous meetings, one federal lawsuit, and an entire re-writing of the city’s zoning rules for places of worship. Though it is a small event for all but the members of the community (and their lawyers), it is worth celebrating, especially in light of the recent controversy surrounding mosque constructions across the country.


By Zachary Heiden, Maine Civil Liberties Union at 2:46pm

Most of the attention today will focus on the majority opinion in Boumediene, with its stirring endorsement of the ACLU principle that the law can protect liberty and security both. But Justice Souter's concurring opinion also deserves some attention.…

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