Troy Davis Execution Set — Take Action Today!

The State of Georgia plans to execute Troy Davis at midnight on September 21, even though he is very likely innocent.

Davis has been scheduled for execution three times before, and three times his execution has been stayed amid doubts and new evidence against other suspects. Davis was sentenced on the basis of witness testimony, but seven of nine original witnesses have since recanted or changed their testimony.

We can't afford to execute people who might be innocent – let alone people who probably are.

The last chance for remedy of this egregious injustice is an appeal for clemency to the Georgia Pardons and Parole Board. Clemency in Davis' case does not mean setting him free but instead converting his death sentence to life in prison without parole – that way, if his verdict is ever reversed at least he will be alive to see it.

Take action today: go here to send a message to the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles.

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Lesly Michals

We are not a civilized society if we let this happen


This is an example of how the death penalty can be abused and should never had been allowed.


He should have been executed years ago 22 years on death row is crap. Enough!! WHo speaks for the victims rights. Amnesty interenational is scumbag assocaition.




The dead penalty exist only for the poor working class, it don't matter what color they are.
Only a barbarians can call for lynching.

we are a sick v...

where will it end . . . ? Reasonable doubt . . . that's the system, or at least the system's claim


Seven of Nine people changed there testimony 17 years later but two did not,that is enough evidence for me,NEXT....


22 yrs to long on death row, this should have been dome 20 yrs ago

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