Tomorrow, Willie Manning Is Scheduled To Die. Shouldn't Mississippi Find Out If He's Innocent First?

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant alone has the power to save Willie Manning, who is scheduled to die tomorrow, May 7, 2013. Mississippi is steamrolling toward execution even though there is compelling evidence that Willie Manning may be an innocent man.

Manning's case has many of the hallmarks of those of other innocent death row exonerees: false snitch testimony, junk science, and racial bias. The prosecutors in Manning's case, like in all too many cases, stacked the deck by systematically removing African-American jurors from Manning's trial. Manning, an African-American man, was convicted of the murders of two white college students.

Much of the key evidence that led to Manning's murder convictions and sentence of death has turned out to be a sham. One witness has admitted that he lied in his testimony, and another confessed that she never revealed what she was promised for her words against Manning. The FBI has conceded that it wrongly testified about a "match" between a hair found in the victim's car and Manning when science supported no such thing. The FBI has gone further and offered to perform new DNA testing. Since 1994, Manning has been requesting DNA testing that would prove one way or the other the truth about the murders.

In the face of the evidence of innocence discovered since the trial, the Supreme Court of Mississippi failed to uphold its duty to serve justice. The Court decided that it would not stop Manning's execution to allow new DNA testing. Now, only a decision by Governor Bryant is likely to permit this critical testing.

Executions are not the place to act first and ask questions later. These grave questions of innocence should be answered before it is too late.

Live in Mississippi and want to help Willie Manning? Take action here.

Want to do more in your state? Check out our map on Ending the Death Penalty in the United States to see what action can be taken in your state.

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Why shouldn't residents from other states be able to send emails to the Mississippi governor through the link above?

Just because it's happening in Mississippi, doesn't mean that voices from outside the state are unhelpful. The more opposition to the death penalty, the better. Right?


When you click on any of the links to take action, then fill out the letter to the governor, the form rejects your letter if you are not from Mississippi. How can you help/take action if you are not from Mississippi?


How can you help if you are not from Mississippi?

I filled out the letter to the governor, using the form on your site, after clicking through to "take action," but the form rejects your response if you are not from Mississippi.


This man deserves the right to have the DNA tested in this case to prove if he is innocent or not. Please do not let this execution go through without giving him his RIGHT to be cleared or not. EVERYONE deserves to be given a fair trial and he did not seem to get one. So many people have come forward and claimed they made mistakes or lied and still his execution is on going?? What a shame, this justice system is totally messed up. If you can't grant this stay of execution, I will have lost ALL faith in the government and justice system.


To the others who want to help, but don't live in Mississippi I've been sending this message to all of my FB friends.

"Please call Governor Bryant's office to request clemency for Willie Manning 601-359-3150. Let's light his phone up all day so he knows that we're not turning a blind eye to this injustice!!! "

For more information on Willie Manning's case :


Email the Governor of Mississippi:


in america in certain states, in certain towns & cities, if you are white you are presumed innocent until proven guilty, but if you are black or brown you are guilty until proven innocent and even then, its up to the judge whether or not he will allow his racism to determine the outcome of an accused but innocent black man.


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