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I must be in favor of this, we have seen a lot of irresponsible comments, and it would be nice to stay on-topic.


Can you tell me how you know my IP may or may have not been involved in such activity? I am lawyering up and requesting such info from your organization.

Was this a blanket broadcast or local? And if local what tools or programs are you using, are they legal, and do they meet with all conditions of FREE speech?


So the ACLU finally Kills free speech!

Nice ACLU, lets censor the planet.

Dr. Joseph Goebbels

If is weren't for the A.C.L.U. you would be pulling guys like Donald Trump around in a rickshaw.


And, already, the censorship begins. You liberals just can't help yourselves, can you? I typed several comments that were on topic and didn't contain name-calling (because I never stoop to name-calling) or swearing and they never posted. How will you be able to argue for anyone's 1st Amendment Rights in court when you are using censorship yourselves? That's one of the few causes the ACLU and I agree on. Is it really worth sacrificing your principals just so you don't have to skip over Goebbels comments? Its not like he makes it difficult for people to figure out that you can pass right over his posts and not miss a thing. He calls himself "Dr, Joseph Goebell", after all.


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