Community Organizing: Making a Difference in Your Own Backyard!

The field team at the Washington Legislative Office is proud to host its first Community Organizing booth at the upcoming ACLU Membership Conference. The organizing team utilizes grassroots activism to get members and activists involved in the fight to protect our civil liberties. We hope this booth will give our members an opportunity to understand what it means to be an organizer and experience first-hand the work that goes on here in the Washington Legislative Office.

The Community Organizing booth will hold four training sessions throughout the ACLU Membership Conference. Each session will be geared toward helping activists become successful organizers for change! They will also inform ACLU members how to get others involved in their communities, how to use online sites such as blogs and Facebook to engage others, how to effectively communicate with the media and finally, how to plan their own house party.

Additionally, our booth will host a fun-filled and challenging ACLU scavenger hunt. The hunt will give participants an opportunity to learn different organizing techniques that you can take back home and use. As a reward, the first 100 people to complete the scavenger hunt will receive a prize and a Certificate of Completion, signed by the entire ACLU field team.

I am very excited to be a part of this year's Membership Conference and I look forward to seeing all of our dedicated members in action. Make sure to stop by our booth, take part in our wonderful activities and make this year's conference a memorable one!

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Frustrated with...

"convictions can be based on evidence derived from torture, hearsay and secret evidence. Many of the accused have been held in secret prisons, denied access to lawyers for years and even tortured"

What's so new about this? It happens everyday in America! Bad medical advice, misgiven medical treatment, crossed wires, misunderstood evidence, he said/she said information that is very probably not based on much truth but twisted information, mistakes, and lies? What is different about this, the seret medical data bases that only some few, the so called "medical representatives" can have access to knowing what is on them so they can not be disputed and the other side isn't heard. Let's not just stop Guantanamo, let's stop bad social medical practices in our own country first, no one stands up to the force and coercion that is being used by the systems that do not ever really stop a thing and are never really held accountable for what they do or don't do for that matter, we just think more and more is going to be better, that isn't true any more then what is done in Guantanamo will ever be right either!


you do some good but you need to understand that all people have the freedom of alot of things in the united state, you need to calm down an quit sturing problems up. Because that is bring your action coalilation down. I don't believe in alot of things that the leaders of the usa say or do, but don't be talking about religion, becasue in the end the wrong doer's will pay. I use to go to church, but I don't go now, (BUT) I don't say anything about anybody's religion. that IS a touchy subject. THANKYOU


Thanks for all of your hard work on the conference this year! I stopped by the booth and participated in the scavenger hunt and it was loads of fun! I also attended a house party training on Monday which was very informative. I plan to use the skills I learned at the conference to host one in the future.


great Blog!!!!

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