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The media coverage of the presidential campaign has devolved into daily obsessions with the latest gaffes and attack ads. The debates are stale stump speeches where our founding document is largely ignored. Watching it unfold, it's easy to forget the candidates are competing to take an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution. (If they can dig it out of Cheney's paper shredder.)

The candidates have one more chance to take on torture, wiretapping, or voting rights at tonight's last presidential debate.

The latest Civil Discourse strip takes place in an alternate universe—one where Civil Liberties trump sound bytes and the "Constitution Debate" is moderated by a certain friend of the ACLU.

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How is it that the civil liberties of a plumber in Toledo OH. can be trampled on because he asked a question of a presidential candidate, without a squawk from you folks? Is this the civil liberty that you envision?


Your premise is false. Part of the Constitution is front and center in this election. It is the Second Ammendment which pits those that fight for our Civil Right against those kritocratic politicians and organizations that seek to violate our civil rights. Wake up and smell the cordite. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is the one civil right that the ACLU does not like and refuses to defend. What a pity, HYPOCRACY and BIGOTRY by the ACLU.


You are wrong Thundar. It is just a matter of time until an ACLU supporter gets up and disproves your claim that they do not care about your personal check and balance for the power that the politicians wish to have over you.

However, it has been 5 weeks and not a peep from ANY ACLU supporter that you are incorrect....hmmmm....perhaps if more gay people start getting into guns this will change.

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