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Yes, There Will Be a Quiz... For Your Freedom

By Christopher Hill, Capital Punishment Project at 8:56pm

There's that old phrase that youth is wasted on the young. Someone should have that to the mass of youth that have descended upon D.C. to "Stand Up for Freedom." The young people attending this conference would pass a civil liberties test with flying colors, and aren't wasting their youth. They are making the most of it by equipping themselves to fight the civil liberties battles that they will fight now and into the future.

They ask brilliant questions showing that they are informed about the world in which they live. How did these folks become so aware? I blame rap music.

These are the kind of young people that listen to music that inspires them to action. These are the young people who don't judge peers because of their sexual orientation. More importantly, these are the kind of young people who know not only should they not be ashamed of their orientation, they should be proud. They know that asking questions is the best way to learn. They also know that the most patriotic act is protecting the liberties of their peers in the face of popular opinon and government oppression. Youth isn't wasted on them and they certainly are not wasting their youth.

I figure I have about a good 35 years of civil liberties work left in me. (Of course, I fully expect the death penalty to be abolished way before 35 years.) These students have an entire lifetime of freedom fighting ahead of them. They are the type of young people I like to believe that I was once. I wasn't. I was never as cool as they are. They are fun to talk to and fun to learn from.

Now that I think about it, since we will end capital punishment within the 35 working years I have left, I'm going to need a job. These students will be my future employers. Pardon me, I have to go network with my future bosses.

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