Darsean Kelley Knew His Rights. He Got Tased Anyway.

UPDATE: On July 12, 2017, Darsean Kelley received $110,000 from a settlement with the City of Aurora to compensate him for injuries he sustained when he was unlawfully tased in the back by Aurora Police.

Police in Aurora, Colorado, got a call about a man pulling a gun on a kid. They had no description of the suspect. On their way to the scene, they stopped two Black men walking down the sidewalk.

Darsean Kelley, one of the men, followed the officers’ orders to hold his hands above his head and turn around. His repeated requests for an explanation as to why they had been detained went unanswered. Even though it was clear he had no weapons and he was no threat to the officers, Darsean was tased in the back just as he said, “I know my rights.” Darsean fell backwards and hit his head on the pavement.

The officers had no reason to detain them. They had done nothing wrong. When Darsean asked to talk to the officer’s boss, noting that there were witnesses to the tasing, the officer responded, “Hey, look right here. It’s all on video, sweetheart.”

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Darsean was arrested and charged  with “disorderly conduct.” The ACLU represented Darsean, and the prosecutor dropped the charges.

We all have the Fourth Amendment right to be free from excessive and unreasonable force by the police.  No one should be punished for knowing and asserting their rights. 

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Why does the video skip ahead? Shoulda posted the pure raw footage, I'm sure its bad enough as is and wouldn't cause conspiracies theories to rise from either side of this debate if the uncut version was used. God help us all


Because, then you would see and hear the police officer telling them to sit down and them not complying!!!


Why would somebody have to comply if the cop is not giving a reason to comply. Last I looked nobody is a slave, and we don't have to obey arbitrary orders, when no reason is given. I rather tell them fuck off and defend right as a free citizen, and would resist unlawful arrest.


What agency? Is this aurora Colorado?

ACLU of Colorado

Yes. The officers were from the Aurora Police Department.


So he is suing the tax payers? What are you doing to get these psychopaths off the street and put in prison ?


Which people are you classifying as psychopaths? The unrelated guy who allegedly pointed a gun at a kid, the person who maybe called in a fake gun sighting, the random black guys who got tazed for no reason, the officer who tazed a random unarmed guy for no reason, the ACLU who defended the guy, the administrators who didn't immediately suspend the officer, or the commenter above you?

I might be too used to the internet, but all of those groups get called psychopaths. Mind clarifying?


You're a fucking idiot.


Tazing them.

Matthew P. Kulesza

The ACLU represents We the People in defense of their Rights. What you are seeking is the State's Attorney or the Attorney General of the USA appointed by Obama to prosecute the criminals even when they carry badges. Eric Holder is no longer the AG; he took a job for $5 million a year on Wall Street after prosecuting zero Wall Street banksters with plenty of evidence against them according to the FBI. But back to your point - you are correct. He will sue We the People because that cop is representing We the People as an enforcer of our laws. The cop didn't follow the law and broke it. The cop, therefore should be fired, prosecuted and if convicted lose his pension. If this is not done then We the People need to DEMAND the US AG arrest the police chief and State's Attorney for compliance with the criminal behavior of the out of control man armed with a taser. Anything less is an endorsement by the police department of the criminal behavior displayed by the police officer.


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