Jeff Sessions Is Aiding and Abetting Police Departments Who Want to Seize Property of People Convicted of No Crime

On Monday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said the Justice Department plans to “develop policies to increase forfeitures.” And today he did just that by reversing a 2015 policy then-Attorney General Eric Holder issued that prohibited local law enforcement from circumventing more restrictive state civil forfeiture laws by partnering with the feds. When signaling this policy reversal, Sessions proclaimed “no criminal should be allowed to keep the proceeds of their crime.” The only problem is that we are not talking about criminals.

We are talking about Americans who have had their homes, cars, money, and other property taken through civil forfeiture, a practice that requires only mere suspicion that property is connected to a crime. That’s right — people can have their property taken by the government without a criminal charge being filed, much less a conviction secured. More often than not, the police who seize the property get to keep it or sell it off and keep the proceeds, which only incentivizes the corrupt practice.

And by now, most of America knows just how loose the standards are for law enforcement seizures by the case names, like State of Texas vs. One Gold Crucifix, where the ACLU would ultimately intervene. The country also knows that the “criminals” targeted by law enforcement are innocent property owners, like ACLU client Rhonda Cox. In 2013, she had her $6,000 used pickup truck seized and permanently forfeited because her 20-year-old son made repairs to it with stolen parts unbeknownst to her.

Civil asset forfeiture is unjust and un-American.

Now don’t get me wrong, we have known this day was coming. There is a list of failed War on Drugs policies that Attorney General Sessions is working to revive one day at a time. And there is the 2015 U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee hearing where Sessions said that civil forfeiture only impacts those who have “done nothing in their lives but sell dope.” That’s patently untrue.

However, just because we anticipated this federal resuscitating of civil forfeiture does not mean that we should not be outraged. Civil forfeiture is unjust and un-American, according to 84 percent of the public. It’s also counter to bipartisan reform efforts in Congress, with Jeff Sessions has said he’s “very unhappy” with.

Attorney General Session’s action today is a big setback to the legislators in the more than 20 states that have reformed their civil forfeiture laws in recent years. Three states have eliminated civil forfeiture altogether, according to the Institute for Justice, while some now require a criminal conviction or subject civil forfeitures to a higher burden of proof. Essentially, Sessions has just provided law enforcement who do not like their state forfeiture laws with a loophole to police for profit. And when there are millions of dollars on the line, there is no incentive for law enforcement to abandon this practice on their own.

We can tell the Department of Justice don’t let cops use federal law to ignore stronger state asset forfeiture protections. But given today’s announcement by Attorney General Sessions, that call to action may fall on deaf ears. Now we must also demand that Congress pass civil asset forfeiture reforms and end policing for profit once and for all.

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That's funny, the ACLU stands for the social ownership of property. It says so right here in this quote from the founder:

"I am for socialism, disarmament, and, ultimately, for abolishing the state itself... I seek the social ownership of property, the abolition of the propertied class, and the sole control of those who produce wealth. Communism is the goal." - Roger Nash Baldwin

Eli Samuel Goldman

I'm finding Sarah Sanders Huckabee quite disappointing as do any serious journalists who want answers. She simply epitomizes the term "clueless" and it shows. She repeatedly talks on a wide range of Whitehouse topics she has no way of knowing the answers to. And denies the overwhelming evidence of collusion, evidence suppression, and his entire campaign and staff appointments constitute both anti-competative-anti-trust-violating practices in itself, as well as a conflict of interest from the job of protecting the people of America from wrongful practices, Trump seems determined to encourage illegal practices. The actual appointments of his cabinet in itself constitute a violation of anti-trust laws given their businesses and affiliations. In fact Trump has never ceased violating our most major U.S. Laws, and no seems to think changing them will null and void his crimes committed when the laws were in effect. All it constitutes is a form of flight from justice, and unlawfully outside the power, purpose, and oath of his position implementing changes in law without authority to do so. He even has Republican associates flagrantly and willfully violate the constitution while demanding constitutional rights they deny others. As to Sarah Huckabee Sanders, she is the first airhead Trump has this far hired. He's hired a lot of bigots, criminals, and shysters, but Sarah is the only vapid, vacuous one so far.

Eli Samuel Goldman

Robert Mueller may be our only hope for integrity in our legal system. I applaud his efforts.

Eli Samuel Goldman

I send this prayer out: May Robert Mueller and his team do the most complete and thourough investigation possible of the Trump Cabinets involvement in crimes with Russia, and further investigate Trump's other (alleged) crimes to see if there may be links or a tying thread. Also, Mueller might want to check into Trump's alleged molestation/rape of the underaged granddaughter of a long time employee of the Gilcrease family long ago.

Eli Samuel Goldman

The girl I spoke to on the phone many times in Las Vegas and in chat who went by the fake name "Josie" or later "Arel Josephine Johnson" (she said Arel is normally a boys name though she was a later day saint girl, she said the name means "lion of God") implied Donald Trump raped her friend many times. I don't know if she knew of what happened to my Cynth in NY and was telling Cynths story, or was the girl who was anonymous that filed rape against Trump or never filed. But she said she was the granddaughter of the grounds keeper, or some such job who had worked for the Gilcrease Family. At the time she seemed to think I work for Trump, but I had no idea why she'd think that. Now that I know of the Show, I know why. The only time I had heard the name Gilcrease before was Las Vegas Gilcrease Bird Sanctuary, and I told her about me and my ex-wife taking the kids there years before when I previously lived in Vegas and was married. When I mentioned the Gilcrease thing and Trump's anonymous rape accuser a bald well dressed man stopped asking the name of the person associated with the Gilcrease family, asking, " is it Lisa? " I said, "is who Lisa?" He said, "never mind and spend off quickly while rushing to try to talk on his phone which seemed from gestures to be in-call when he had stopped.

Eli Samuel Goldman

I never knew there was a Gilcrease family associated with Oklahoma and Texas until a Google search just now. (The Arel/Josie girl I met in plentyoffish out of the Los Angeles) She told a story of a dirty older gentleman tall aggressive who supposedly raped her and her friend who later committed suicide or something, and made him sound like he was Trump in the story. She also claimed to be the granddaughter of the groundskeeper or some such job for the Gilcrease family. As to the Gilcrease family, I don't know if it's the same family who started the bird sanctuary in Las Vegas NV, but it's a shame they aren't around. My family loooved it, and ya gotta like people who preserve wildlife. We also went on Northwest Trek in Washington State, and there's a preserve past redrock I went to with Cynth. Honestly, I think Trump should be shot for changing governmental rules and endangering our wildlife. Theodore Roosevelt put his heart and soul into creating our national parks system and protecting our Forrest so pricks like Trump can endanger one of our greatest treasures.

Eli Samuel Goldman

And yes, I read the Gilcrease family died off in 62' just now. ....I get told so much bullshit since there has been a show its hard to sift through it all. But she sounded sincerely enraged which adds to the potential credibility of her story. I'm still guessing that was around the time the show started or immediately prior.

Eli Samuel Goldman

When I first spoke to Josie, I mean, was around the time or just before the show may have been planned or started.

Eli Samuel Goldman

Ironically given my life in Oklahoma and what happened, and (,the girl who claimed to be) Trump's daughter pleaing that she needs someone to show her father couldn't have been guilty of the pleathora of charges against him in the hypothetical conversations ...I'm guessing I was supposed to reprent someone I immensely dislike, Trump, as a stand in for small scale scenarios to see how I defend myself against bullshit. Since Trump still steals my words and uses them in his addresses to the nation I gather I'm still observed. I just found information where this sort of thing has been done before, only to simulate war games with stand-ins...Sigma-war-games. Look:

Eli Samuel Goldman

Though many in Cherokee Nation opposed me and outwardly showed racial hatred against Jews, Asians and those with Black African American gentics. I tried to teach Monica Jo Moore that she was not the only Cherokee with Asian and African American genetics, so she didn't allow the biggots to shame her into hiding it. A full 1/5th of the early American Cherokee population had African American genetics, many were part Asian, Latin or Jewish. This was common and prevalent with Native American Tribes. Our country seems to forget we were the subjects of racial and religious discrimination along with Native Americans for centuries. Many of us (Native Americans, Black Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, Hebrew/Jewish Americans) were all lumped together as lesser, "mud races," inferior, or undesirables by Caucasian Americans and European Christian Settlers. We often couldn't owned land or property or get formal education in certain areas all throughout what became the USA. We were slaves, indentured servants, second class citizens, who took the work they didn't find fit for a white man or Christian. We were railroad workers, cowboys (but not often allowed to buy or own the ranch), servants and a myraid of other whst was considered the thankless crap jobs. This one one of the reasons we started our own industries and many fled West hoping for freedom. Due to this historical bigotry and being lumped together it was fairly common for we the victims of bigotry and discrimination to intermarry. To the Trump's of old America we were all the same, inferior. ...Hence, we built communities together, worked together intermarried and integrated frequently. However, those political forces behind bigotry even then often used Poverty and forced circumstances to pit us against each other. For instance, 1/5 of the Cherokee population were integrated with Asian indentured servants, black slaves and indentured servants and others. However, the white man pushed through politics to get the Cherokee People to force the admitted of known of integrated racially African heritage, (as well as Hebrew, Asian, latin) off the rolls, or to hide their ancestry. But it was acceptable to admit to partial.Caucasian Heritage and ancestry. This racial self loathing continued and snowballed over generations. The Trump's of this world latched onto bigotry fueling the flames of it to promote racism and disharmony as a devicive tactic to decide and conquer as an election tactic. He and his supporters still do. They claim African Cherokees are fake Cherokees but part white ones are real? History proves the claims of Cherokees with African American ancestry! Even now they debate people like Jimi Hendrix though his grandmother was indisputably Cherokee, and the is speculation that he has Cherokee and Sac and Fox genetics on his father's side. The fact is Jimi Hendrix was more genetically Native American than most card carrying members of Cherokee Nation. His estimated blood quantum is likely to have been anywhere from 18 to 32% (depending on whether you are going by Chrokee only genetics or total Native American genetics. ....I don't know why the Cherokee Nation would deny that one of the greatest guitar legends who ever lived was Cherokee. He was, and it's a fact. He didn't get anything out of it. It simply is part of who Jimi Hendrix was.


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