WATCH: How Many Times Do Black People Have to Be Killed on Video Before We Reassess What We Are Doing on Race and Policing in America?

With the killings by police of Alton Sterling in Louisiana and Philando Castile in Minnesota, the question once again arises: How many times do Black people have to be killed on video before we reassess what we are doing on race and policing in America?

ACLU Deputy Legal Director Jeff Robinson addresses the issue head on and shows a way forward, as he contrasts video of these needless shootings with raw footage from an incident in Camden, New Jersey, involving a man wielding a butcher knife. Unlike similar incidents, the officers calmly de-escalated a truly dangerous situation without resorting to the use of deadly force.

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umm you realize less than 300 blacks die from police each year.. the media is pushing like its some end of the world thing ( its horrible yes) but more whites die by the hands of cops also

Blacks kil 90% more blacks.. chicago alone 500-1000 blacks die each year by OTHER BLACKS...

so stop buying into this BS that its some epidemic .. its the media manipulating you all....

how about END BLACK ON BLACK violence instead of some bs

Check Your Stat...

26% of people killed in police shootings last year were Black, despite Black people making up just under 13% of the population.
White Americans undeniably make up about 50% of these deaths, but are less likely to be shot in a police encounter than a Black American, when you take into consideration population size. (White people make up nearly 80% of the population in the U.S)
The "but what about black-on-black crime?" line has been overused and is invalid in relation to this discussion since majority of all homicides are intra-racial.

Lastly, people should not have to fear those who have sworn to protect them, so if any action could be taken to avoid the hundreds of deaths caused by police shootings every year, and promote trust in between citizens and our officers, that would be wonderful.

If #AllLivesMatter then why not stand up to injustice against those who are particularly vulnerable to it?


How about you end, white on white murders at an 83% rate and all the mass shootings (schools, churches, movie theaters) that whites perpetuate in this country. Whites built this country on violence with killings of Native Americans and slaves!

P. Walsh

If black lives matter so much, why aren't all the sign carriers walking around the neighborhoods where blacks are murdering blacks. Do black lives only matter when there is police involvement? In a lot of the riot related shootings, the victim was not entirely innocent. Are the police the only ones who have to take responsibility for their actions? I am so sick of the bullshit and the excuses. People have to take some responsibility for their behavior. When the police are involved in a shooting, it is automatically investigated. Too bad if you don't like the results. When was the last riot because a white person was shot by the police?




Blacks who kill other blacks are usually criminals and they go to jail. Cops who kill blacks are also criminals but they don't go to jail. Our tax dollars are not paying their salaries for them to be criminals and abusing their badge. Whites kill themselves in much higher numbers than blacks killing other blacks. Does that make it okay for cops to kill whites?


ALLIVESMATTER: You entirely missed the point.


Watch untrained, unarmed civilians de-escalate a man waving a gun at them and other protesters in Portland, Oregon.

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