Imagine you had just picked up your kids from school. You're driving home on a secluded country road when your car is pulled over by armed US law enforcement agents who threaten you with a knife and taser. That's what happened to me last May and my kids and I still haven't recovered from the experience.

I live in a desert community outside of Tucson, about 40 miles from the US-Mexico border, where my family owns thirty acres of land. Border Patrol agents around here roam our country roads, supposedly on the watch for migrants and drug-runners that sneak across the border. A few times before this particular incident agents had followed me and my kids, in my soccer mom van, for no reason I know. But until last May 21st, I had never been directly confronted by them.

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That afternoon, after leaving my daughter's school with my two kids in the back seat, I turned down the dirt road that leads to our property. I stopped briefly to check my tires, and noticed a Border Patrol car parked on the side of the road, but didn't think much of it. I continued down the road as usual, talking to my kids about how their day went and what we would do when we got home. Suddenly I noticed in my rear view mirror that the Border Patrol vehicle was behind me. At first I was more curious than concerned, and then they forced me to pull over.

One of the agents approached my van and asked if I was an American citizen, which I am. He then told me to get out of the car so they could search my vehicle. When I asked what reason they had for searching my car, the agent got aggressive. He demanded in a gruff voice that I comply with his order. I continued to insist that I thought I had a right to know why they had pulled me over before I would get out of the car, and when they wouldn't answer I decided to leave. That's when the agent's behavior turned really threatening. He called back to the other agents, "This one's being difficult, get the taser." Next he opened my door, pulled out a knife, and holding it against my seat belt, he shouted at me, "Ma'am, do I need to cut you out of your seatbelt?" Then he reached into the car and grabbed my keys.

There I was, alone in the middle of the desert, with my five and seven year old, surrounded by three hostile armed men who had my car keys. I was really afraid. So I finally stepped out the car, trembling, while my kids watched from the back seat. I stood next to my van while they bullied and lectured me about their right to search my vehicle, stating that my questioning them put me under suspicion. When the agents finally left, I grabbed my keys from the hood of the car where they'd left them, and started to drive away, only to realize that I had a flat. That's when I discovered that my rear tire had been slashed, a clear knife cut down the side. So I called my brother, who came with a jack to help me change the tire and get my scared kids home safely.

Unfortunately the arrogant and abusive behavior I experienced from the Border Patrol is not at all unusual for those of us who live in this border community. Roving patrols are always watching us from the side of the road, and questioning and harassing people. It's like living with an occupying army. My neighbor who runs the market and cafe in the town of Three Points down the road had to put up with Border Patrol agents coming onto the premises and searching through all the rooms, without any explanation. She finally got so angry she put her foot down. She now has a sign in the cafe, "No armed men allowed."

The saddest thing for me is that my kids are still afraid when we see Border Patrol. They keep asking me if we are going to get pulled over again by the agents, and "if they are going to be mean again and take mommy away." I finally decided that the constant threat of being harassed and interrogated driving back and forth from school to home just wasn't worth it. So I pulled my kids out of school, and with my mother's help they're being home schooled now.

I am still outraged that Border Patrol agents seem to think they have authority near the border to do whatever they want and face no consequences. The very day of the incident last May I tried to file a complaint. Our local sheriff told me to call Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the agency in charge of the Border Patrol. A DHS officer took down my story and said the incident would be investigated, but he told me there was no report from any Border Patrol agent about the incident. I never heard back from DHS until an ACLU lawyer in Tucson called on my behalf. Another DHS officer who then contacted me said my $50 claim to have my tire replaced was denied. They decided the tire was torn not slashed, and suggested I could file a lawsuit. He told me he would contact me after he interviewed an agent involved in my case. That was almost a year ago and I've never heard back from any DHS official since.

I'm proud to say I'm now one of the people named in a complaint the ACLU has filed with DHS on behalf of five Arizonans, US citizens who were subjected to abusive behavior by roving patrols. I believe strongly that we have rights under the Constitution that should be protected, and I want to see the Border Patrol held accountable. I recently accepted an invitation to go to Washington DC to speak to members of Congress about my experience, hoping my story could help bring a change in the way cases of Border Patrol abuse are handled. No one should be treated the way I was –leaving me and my family terrified and then ignored by an agency that is supposed to be in charge of our security. I'm standing up for my rights and I hope others will join me.

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Come live in New England. We have fewer men with badges on their testicles, and the schools are vastly better.


I never cease to be amazed. The Aclu will never support what is right. They take up for illegal immigrants while never supporting the agents who get shot at by illegals.

But I am not surprised. After all liberals hate Jesus, the love infanticide while protecting first degree murderers on death row. They hate all that is right and support perversion like homosexuality. Go figure!


Douglas County came by my home to serve an arrest warrant. They said my son needed to sign a paper concerning his monitor and we he was at the door they played an April fools joke by arresting him. My son has been on monitor for two months. He had 12 days to go. He has been home from work with pneumonia for a couple of days. We don't know the reason he
was Shanghied. We haven't been contacted. DC now charges a fee to visit. His name is Thomas Warrren Huntley. I simply can not believe this, I have been holding for2 hours trying to get anyone to tell us what is going on.HELP! Thanks for listening. Ruth Huntley

Right wing and ...

Just like Dick(head) Cheney, the BS Right Wing and Proud never shuts the hell up either.
They both seem to be completely content to tell vicious lies about people, or else they were too stupid to read the whole story. But all you have to do is LOOK at the person and no inTELLIgent person would have even ASKED if she were a legal citizen. She's certainly not MEXICAN for crying out loud.
Not that they couldn't have read the full story and found that out for sure ANYway.
Besides that, the wealthy dastards of this country have been BRINGing illegal immigrants to this country to work in their mansions and grape fields and their sole motive for it has always been to rip off the employee by paying him LESS than minimum wage and denying him every employee's benefit that OTHER people DO get.
It makes me sick to see someone complaining about letting illegal immigrants stay here when THEY'RE the ones bringing them over for slave labor at the same time all the little "right wings and proud" are bitching about it.
I don't know why they can't stfu and that's fine. But I refuse to listen to them whine about it without pointing out their greediness that's the major reason they brought illegal immigrants here in the first place.
Read 'The Grapes of Wrath.' You'll learn a little something.

from Richard, V...

Here's a novel concept: how about people talk when they actually KNOW what they're saying instead of flinging inane conversations into cyberspace just because they think the Constitution supports their right to be an insensitive idiot.

I worked as an Army Intelligence Officer, and I came into contact with OTHER officers, not all of whom joined the military for the right reason and some of whom I have no problem saying did so with the secret desire to terrorize anybody, including our own citizens, just because they were the kind of person who likes to see people shivering under their mad reign of power.

I don't care if a person is "legal" or "ILLegal" because it has nothing to do with how you conduct yourself according to the Officer's Code of Ethics; or what when I was in Nam was called the Warrior's Code of Ethics.
Just because you believe you have a right to take in a suspect or question them doesn't give you rights to abuse the person or persons while you do.
Too many "officers" did that in Vietnam, and I found the attitude wholly disgusting.
I was so repulsed by it that my own attitude of not killing anyone I didn't HAVE TO got me in trouble with my superiors and I was given a mark against my record for "failure to carry out" my duties as a soldier.

I found no evidence, upon searching the place that the people living there were VC; aka the enemy. I did only what I thought I had to and that was bad enough, but when I looked into their faces I saw nothing that suggested they would be uncooperative and it suddenly occurred to me that it "wasn't absolutely necessary to have anybody killed in this situation." That's what I told my Lt. and that's what caused him to mark my record with a demerit.

The man was of the type they're describing of certain Border Patrol guards in this article. He hated all Vietnamese people and called ALL of them gooks, even the ones we were supposedly protecting from the VC.
So spare me anybody's pity for people like that lieutenant. They don't belong in the business or war or law enforcement with that attitude.
They're the ones helping promote the continued belief that we were ALL baby killers, which is patently untrue.


Clarisa - They have no right to ask you your citizenship inside the country. If ever asked, video record them (like hundreds of others on youtube) and reply with a question: "Am I required by law to answer that question? And if so, please cite the law". They have no right to search your vehicle without either your verbal permission or a search warrant. Each and every time say this: "I do not consent to vehicle searches". They can do nothing. If they try to stall your time, ask "Am I being detained here, if so on what grounds?" If they don't answer, you ask "Since you're not detaining me, I am free to go and I demand that you let me go home now".


This is why you should never stop for the police.


"...and when they wouldn't answer I decided to leave."

This statement right here is what needs to be highlight in this entire article. Regardless of geographical location or proximity to a border, if you get pulled over by ANY law enforcement and just decide that you're going to leave. See how well that goes.


Instead saying "no armed men allowed", I'd outright refuse to serve any federal employee.
"Illegals welcome. Federal employees will not be served and will be asked to leave the premises."

These same tough guys that push around citizens and poor illegals shit their pants when faced by heavily armed drug cartels. They apparently need more real work like that to keep them busy. Same guys who would go to war against the 3rd world but crap their pants with the mere thought of 'spreading freedom' in Crimea.


This woman is lying, plain and simple


Stay Informed