The Faces of Constitution Voters

Are you a Constitution Voter? We were in Mississippi last Friday for the first presidential debate, and found the Ole Miss campus crawling with students who care about the Constitution. Many of them pledged to vote based on how well they think candidates will uphold the Constitution. See the faces and voices from the University of Mississippi and then sign the pledge yourself. Go to /constitutionvoter.

Don't forget, we'll be sending these pledges to the presidential candidates in October. Let's show them how much American voters care about the Constitution, and tell them to address the issues we care about, like torture, warrantless spying and closing Guantánamo.

Join these students in telling the candidates, loud and clear: "You can’t ignore the Constitution."

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ACLU = Cowardly...

Wouldn't that mean the WHOLE Constitution?

How do ACLU hypocrites count to 10?


Certainly anyone claiming to be a "Constitution voter" cannot be voting for either Obama or McCain in this election. A REAL Constitution voter would know that both Obama and McCain have repeatedly voted to restrict our 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, & 14th Amendment rights and increase the power of the Executive branch - the Patriot Act II and the FISA Spy bills being the most glaring examples. These presidential candidates have not shown themselves to be protectors of our Bill of Rights. There certainly are Anti-War, Pro-Republic, Pro-Civil Liberties choices in this election...Third Party! Voting for a Third Party candidate is the only way to break the corruption of Two Party duopolies. The only winner in a Two Party voting system will always be “The Establishment”, regardless of which candidate that wins.

got to be kidding

well, at least these indoctrinated students can read...makes me have hope for our education system, that they cab read from a card and speak clearly into a, the aclu will stop at nothing...scumbags!
I beleive in the constitution and my rights, we have a right to shut you down

got to be kidding

sorry about a couple of typos but you get the point...


The ACLU tells you what to think.

im a constitution voter and I think judges should interpret the law not make it.

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