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Carriers Pushing Weak Arguments Against FCC Privacy Protection

Internet carriers are desperate to argue that the FCC should not apply the law as written.

By Jay Stanley
March 3, 2016

Internet Privacy May Be About to Get a Big Boost From FCC

We've long have rules that protect privacy of our phone calls. Our internet usage should be covered as well.

By Jay Stanley
February 29, 2016

Does the FBI Really Even Need Apple’s Help?

The iPhone has a code hidden in its chips. If the FBI could get that code they wouldn't need Apple's help.

By Daniel Kahn Gillmor, Jay Stanley
February 25, 2016

The Real Stakes of Apple’s Fight With the FBI

The order requiring Apple to hack into an iPhone could set a precedent undermining the security of all devices.

By Alex Abdo
February 18, 2016

Obama Order on Privacy A Small But Positive Step Toward Better Privacy Oversight

We remain far from what we need in the U.S.: independent privacy oversight. But Obama has taken a small positive step.

By Jay Stanley
February 9, 2016

Body Cameras Should Not Be Live-Streamed

Some would allow police to remotely activate and monitor police body cameras. This is a bad idea.

By Jay Stanley
January 29, 2016

Documents Reveal Anaheim, CA Has Surprisingly Robust Surveillance Arsenal For Small City

Small city's advanced cellular devices suggest these intrusive tools may be more widespread than we know.

By Matthew Cagle
January 27, 2016

New Evidence Shows Milwaukee Police Hide Stingray Usage From Courts and Defense

Even through circuit court arguments, police obscured use of controversial technology.

By Nathan Freed Wessler
January 25, 2016

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