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Who will technology serve?

ACLU to Congress: Encrypt Your Own Calls and Texts!

Congress should protect itself against the poor security of cellular networks.

By Chris Soghoian
September 22, 2015

Obama’s “Precision Medicine” Initiative and Privacy

The administration is building a research database of a million people's genetic codes and medical records

By Jay Stanley
September 18, 2015

Electronic Device Searches at the Border: It’s Simple, Get a Warrant

The government didn't have basis for a warrant, so it lay in wait until he crossed a border.

By Samia Hossain
September 11, 2015

The Coming Clash Over Drones

The arrival of domestic drones has set up a clash between two very powerful forces in American life.

By Jay Stanley
September 10, 2015

The Precarious State of the Private-Sector Drone Industry

Drones will inevitably become ubiquitous, right? Not so fast.

By Jay Stanley
September 9, 2015

ACLU to Justice Department: Don't Give Money to LAPD For Body Cameras

The ACLU support body cameras only when they are set up to improve police accountability.

By Jay Stanley, Peter Bibring
September 3, 2015

In Texas, More Body Cameras ≠ More Transparency

Texas police are touting greater transparency through police body cameras. But Texas law calls that into question.

By Chad Marlow
September 2, 2015

Interesting New Hampshire Case Testing Body Camera Transparency Rules

A legal battle is underway over whether body camera footage of a police shooting should be made public. And there's a twist.

By Jay Stanley
September 2, 2015

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