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Why Broadband Carriers are a Menace to Privacy

The problem facing ISPs, and why their solution is dangerous for consumers.

By Jay Stanley
August 1, 2016

ACLU Supports State of Utah in Legal Showdown With DEA Over Medical Privacy

When it comes to prescription drug records, Utah has far more respect for the Fourth Amendment than the federal government.

By Eliza Sweren-Becker
July 28, 2016

Good Police Body Camera Laws and Policies? They Do Exist!

We are often asked, “are there any good state laws and departmental policies you can point us to?”

By Chad Marlow
July 20, 2016

DOJ’s Data-Sharing Proposal Threatens Privacy of Americans and Citizens Around the World

The DOJ has introduced legislation that would make it easier for foreign governments to acquire data stored by U.S companies.

By Eliza Sweren-Becker
July 18, 2016

ACLU FOIA Seeks Information About How Government Launders Evidence

'Parallel construction' is the government’s practice of falsifying a trail of evidence to conceal surveillance techniques

By Fiona Tang
July 15, 2016

ACLU Challenges Computer Crimes Law That is Thwarting Research on Discrimination Online

Our plaintiffs want to investigate websites for discriminatory practices, but they often can’t.

By Esha Bhandari, Rachel Goodman
June 29, 2016

How Patent Law Held Back Communications Technology

A technology legend’s status hinged on a time stamp and legal shenanigans, not a stroke of genius.

By Phyllis Eckhaus
June 28, 2016

FBI and Industry Failing to Provide Needed Protections For Face Recognition

Two developments highlight industry and government's resistance to oversight in how they use powerful surveillance technology

By Jay Stanley
June 15, 2016

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