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Maryland Court Considering Key Question on Legality of Stingray Use

No judge has actually thrown out evidence obtained through secret, warrantless Stingray use. Until now.

By Nathan Freed Wessler
December 29, 2015

Economic Stagnation and Political Turmoil Test Our Civil Liberties

History suggests we could be in for a period of political instability. That will stress-test our civil liberties.

By Jay Stanley
December 15, 2015

Why 'Active Investigations' Don’t Justify Keeping Police Video Secret

The public’s interest in oversight of police use of force is overwhelming, and the counterarguments weak or inapplicable.

By Jay Stanley
December 4, 2015

Congress Working in the Dark on Cybersecurity Bill

A mysterious legal document may drastically affect a controversial cybersecurity bill, but the government won't release it

By Eliza Sweren-Becker
November 17, 2015

FBI Documents Reveal New Information on Baltimore Surveillance Flights

The government was doing more than just monitoring the situation with regular cameras.

By Nathan Freed Wessler
October 30, 2015

Forcing Apple into the Service of the Government

The government believes it can force companies like Apple into its service. It's wrong.

By Alex Abdo
October 27, 2015

Police Citing “Terrorism” to Buy Stingrays Used Only For Ordinary Crimes

Police in Michigan and elsewhere use "terrorism" to bring electronic cell phone sweeps to US streets with unjustified secrecy

By Nathan Freed Wessler
October 23, 2015

The Four Biggest Problems With DHS’s New Stingray Policy

DHS has unveiled its policy for using these powerful devices for sweeping up data on all mobile phones in an area

By Neema Singh Guliani
October 22, 2015

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