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Who will technology serve?

The House Just Passed a Major Expansion of Government Surveillance in the Guise of Cybersecurity

Even as nation debates NSA spying, bill would broadly authorize the sharing of new personal information with the NSA.

By Gabe Rottman
April 23, 2015

Building Regulation Into Drones

What are we to think of embedding geofencing or other centralized rules into technology like drones?

By Jay Stanley
April 22, 2015

ACLU Study: Federal Agencies Fail to Protect Whistleblower Communications, Terrorist Tip Line

Every possible measure must be taken to protect individuals using official whistleblowing channels.

By Chris Soghoian, Sonia Roubini
April 16, 2015

Why Paul Krugman Is Wrong About Wearables

Of course, no matter how much you may pay a provider for premium privacy protection, the government can still access that.

By Jay Stanley
April 14, 2015

How Soon Should Police Turn Off Their Cameras After a Critical Incident?

The real goal of body cameras is to increase community trust in the police.

By Jay Stanley
April 10, 2015

Police Chief: Surveillance Cameras Don’t Help Fight Crime

Sometimes even the greatest proponents of mass surveillance occasionally admit to its shortcomings.

By Sonia Roubini
April 9, 2015

Why the War on Drugs is So Bad For Privacy

The only way for police to fight victimless crime is to proactively search out wrongdoing.

By Jay Stanley
April 8, 2015

NYCLU-Obtained Documents Reveal Secrecy, Lack of Court Oversight in Use of Invasive Stingray Technology

Erie Co. tried hard to keep its use of stingrays hidden, so we’re serving the documents up on a silver platter.

By Mariko Hirose
April 7, 2015

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