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CIA Documents Highlight Privacy Issues of the 'Internet of Things'

We don't want to live haunted by a cloud of uncertainty and vulnerability over surveillance.

By Jay Stanley
March 9, 2017

Congress: Don’t Let Internet Providers Sell Our Data to the Highest Bidder

Lawmakers are on the verge of taking away requirement that ISPs ask permission before using your data.

By Nathaniel Turner
March 7, 2017

Social Media Passwords Shouldn’t Be a Condition of Entry to the U.S.

The Trump administration proposal would affect the rights of Americans, too.

By Esha Bhandari
February 28, 2017

Help Wanted: How You Can Act Locally To Stymie Trump’s Agenda

Here’s a way to stop President Trump from using local police departments’ surveillance tech to target vulnerable communities.

By Chad Marlow
February 15, 2017

We’re Updating Our Police Body Camera Recommendations for Even Better Accountability and Civil Liberties Protections

The revisions are based on experience so far with the relatively new technology.

By Chad Marlow, Jay Stanley
January 25, 2017

Why Are DC Police Keeping Their Body Cameras Off During Inauguration and the Women’s March?

Is the ACLU hypocritical when it comes to police and filming?

By Jay Stanley
January 17, 2017

The Privacy Threat From Always-On Microphones Like the Amazon Echo

Consumers need ironclad control over devices sitting in their homes and what they transmit outward.

By Jay Stanley
January 13, 2017

Do U.S. Politicians Need to Fear Our Intelligence Agencies?

Nowhere in the Constitution is there room for security agencies to wield political power.

By Jay Stanley
January 9, 2017

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