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Baltimore Aerial Surveillance Program Retained Data Despite 45-Day Privacy Policy Limit

Program operators told public, "We keep our imagery data for 45 days unless there are ongoing investigations"

By Jay Stanley
October 25, 2016

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Provided Data Access for a Surveillance Product Marketed to Target Activists of Color

Social networks should not give data access to developers of surveillance tools.

By Matt Cagle
October 11, 2016

The Six Key Questions for the Obama Administration and Companies About Yahoo’s Cooperation With the NSA

The Obama Administration owes the public far more information about this spying program. Companies can help, too.

By Neema Singh Guliani
October 7, 2016

Is Your City Destined To Be The Next Charlotte? A Hard Lesson In Police Body Camera Policies

Doing body cameras right is important for social peace

By Chad Marlow
October 4, 2016

New Documents Reveal Government Effort to Impose Secrecy on Encryption Company

ACLU & Open Whisper Systems team up to expose government’s secret thirst for customer data.

By Brett Max Kaufman
October 4, 2016

To the Government, Your Latest Facebook Rant Is Raw Intel

The government's mass, suspicionless monitoring of social media could have serious consequences.

By Hugh Handeyside
September 29, 2016

City Demonstrates How a '48-Hour Brain Dump' Can Build Trust in Police

How Las Vegas police earned the trust of the community and the media

By Jay Stanley
September 27, 2016

Police Use of Social Media Surveillance Software Is Escalating, and Activists Are in the Digital Crosshairs

Speaking out against police violence or government overreach shouldn’t land you in a surveillance database.

By Nicole Ozer
September 22, 2016

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