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Documents Reveal Anaheim, CA Has Surprisingly Robust Surveillance Arsenal For Small City

Small city's advanced cellular devices suggest these intrusive tools may be more widespread than we know.

By Matthew Cagle
January 27, 2016

New Evidence Shows Milwaukee Police Hide Stingray Usage From Courts and Defense

Even through circuit court arguments, police obscured use of controversial technology.

By Nathan Freed Wessler
January 25, 2016

Documents Uncover NYPD’s Vast License Plate Reader Database

The police department’s contract with Vigilant Solutions gives it the ability to track people across the country.

By Mariko Hirose
January 25, 2016

Google and Twitter Speak Up in Support of the First Amendment Rights of Their Users

Companies file briefs in support of scientists' right to anonymous speech.

By Benjamin Good
January 20, 2016

Big Data Can Be Used To Violate Civil Rights Laws, and the FTC Agrees

A reminder that big data analytics can reinforce racial, gender, and other disparities.

By Esha Bhandari
January 14, 2016

Eight Problems With Police “Threat Scores”

Police software gathers social media and other information on people to rate their "threat level." What could go wrong?

By Jay Stanley
January 13, 2016

Maryland Court Considering Key Question on Legality of Stingray Use

No judge has actually thrown out evidence obtained through secret, warrantless Stingray use. Until now.

By Nathan Freed Wessler
December 29, 2015

Economic Stagnation and Political Turmoil Test Our Civil Liberties

History suggests we could be in for a period of political instability. That will stress-test our civil liberties.

By Jay Stanley
December 15, 2015

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