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Who will technology serve?

ACLU Challenges Computer Crimes Law That is Thwarting Research on Discrimination Online

Our plaintiffs want to investigate websites for discriminatory practices, but they often can’t.

By Esha Bhandari, Rachel Goodman
June 29, 2016

How Patent Law Held Back Communications Technology

A technology legend’s status hinged on a time stamp and legal shenanigans, not a stroke of genius.

By Phyllis Eckhaus
June 28, 2016

FBI and Industry Failing to Provide Needed Protections For Face Recognition

Two developments highlight industry and government's resistance to oversight in how they use powerful surveillance technology

By Jay Stanley
June 15, 2016

Industry-Dominated Group Writes Drone Privacy “Best Practices” That Don’t Deserve the Name

Why won't Amazon and other industry players make a clean commitment to good drone privacy practices?

By Jay Stanley
June 15, 2016

FBI Wants to Exempt Biometric Mega-Database From Privacy and Accuracy Rules

A giant database gives the FBI a lot of power, but the agency doesn't want accountability commensurate with that power

By Jay Stanley
May 31, 2016

Why Today’s Privacy-Invading Online Ecosystem May Not Last

History shows that in the end, people always demand privacy.

By Jay Stanley
May 31, 2016

The Government Is Trying to Influence Speech on Social Media — But How?

The ACLU wants to find out if the government is engaged in censorship-by-proxy.

By Matt Cagle, Hugh Handeyside
May 26, 2016

Why We're Supporting Microsoft's Challenge to Secret Surveillance

Defending a longstanding check on government power.

By Alex Abdo
May 26, 2016

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