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God Hates Figs

By Matt Coles, Director, ACLU Center for Equality at 2:14pm

Leave it to a bunch of students at the University of Chicago to remind us how best to deal with our craziest opponents. It's not to scream at them, not to shout, not to cry at their cruelty, not even to engage. It's to show them up for just how crazy and stupid they are. Here is the way those kids reacted to the Archangel of Hate, Fred Phelps. My favorite sign is “God Hates Gen Chem,” but “God Hates Figs” is a close second.

All photos by froboy. Used under a Creative Commons license.

Phelps protesters arrive at University of Chicago with their crazy signs.

U of C students respond with signs of their own.

A flyer on the abomination of figs.

A fraternity comes out against hate. Watch the video.

Over 100 counter-protesters outnumber the eight-or-so Phelpsies.

The Phelpsies, vastly outnumbered, retreat.
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