The First Amendment Looks Beautiful in Any Language

If you find yourself in Times Square between now and June, look up. You may catch a glimpse of the First Amendment — in Spanish, English, and Arabic.

The ad on the Reuters Digital Tower at 3 Times Square is part of an ACLU campaign to raise awareness about First Amendment rights and remind people that the Constitution is for all of us, no matter who you are or what language you speak.

In addition to the Times Square billboard, the ads were unveiled at 30 bus shelters across Washington, D.C.  The First Amendment in all three languages is also displayed on a fence in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn and will appear on a wall in the arts district of downtown Los Angeles.

Additional ads may appear in other cities and in other languages in the coming days and weeks.

The idea for the campaign came about shortly after Donald Trump was elected president on a wave of anti-immigrant hysteria and a pledge to ban Muslims from entering the United States.  It was conceived of by the agency Emergence Creative, which approached the ACLU with the idea in December 2016.

1st Amendment Campaign in D.C.

In addition to protecting freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom to peaceably protest, the First Amendment protects the right to practice your religion and not be discriminated against for doing so.

Because so much of the ACLU’s work involves protecting First Amendment rights, and because we now have a president that openly disdains such freedoms, it seemed like a good time to point out the “We the People” means everyone. 

Several advertising vendors refused to run the campaign. Representatives who handle advertising space for New York’s Metropolitan Transit Authority and Washington’s Metropolitan Area Transit Authority declined, saying they did “not accept issue oriented advertising.” However, the vendors who did offer space did so at a substantial discount in part because they wanted to support the effort.

The First Amendment ads will run in Times Square through June, appearing twice an hour for 15 seconds on the electronic billboard at Reuters Digital Tower, 3 Times Square. The ads in Washington will appear on 30 bus shelters across the city for four weeks.

Any advertisers who would like to donate space should contact the ACLU.

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Corporations hold the same inalienable rights as.


I am a card carrying progressive Democrat, voted for President Obama and Secretary Clinton. However, I do have a question/issue with what seems to be an apparent resistance to prioritizing English learning by some populations ( I would include heavy users of Ebonics among them). I would never move to country without having an aggressive plan for learning that language and trying to assimilate as fast as I could. I understand I wouldn't learn Cantonese or Basque in a year but I would show serious effort and be self conscious and apologetic that I hadn't done better. I don't get that sense from many of the conversations I hear it's either kick 'me out or back bending accommodation, am I wrong to think that we are missing the middle ground???


Unfortunately, the support for English-language-learners has greatly diminished over the past few years. As a child of immigrant parents, I remember my mother attending English classes with other women 2-3 days a week after I was out of school because they also provided child care (and snacks) and then sharing what she had learned with my father because he was working 10-12 hours a day at the time. Now, it is very difficult to find an English class in the appropriate language because very few offer child care like they did around the turn of the century and parents cannot afford to take time off of work or time away from child care in order to fast-track their language development.


Criminals, even organized crime, with a role in balances, have rights also. I think a 'cell' of 'ordinary snitches', 'freedom of speech violators', obstructing the truth for whatever interests, exists in America that has had a role in law enforcement malpractice. What might one expect to surface, especially if the problem has become pathologically severe, even at the presidential level, but a callous wall builder, isolationist, seeing differently, with a high priority agenda centered around this trouble .


So WHERE can I find a clean image of the 1st Amendment translated to Arabic? When I Google it I get nonsense, and I don't want to trust an automatic translator. There is a lovely pic posted on Facebook, but I can't find a decent-sized copy of it.


Carole is triggered


Freedom APK


Actually our Country’s name is United States of America. In America (American Continent N and S) there are 35 countries. 13 of them speak English, 19 of them speak Spanish the rest speak Portuguese, French, Dutch, etc. Not including the Native American Languages. I agreed that the business language including government, in the US should be English and only English. But in Public we can speak whatever the language we want. It is our right.




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