God Hates Figs

Leave it to a bunch of students at the University of Chicago to remind us how best to deal with our craziest opponents. It's not to scream at them, not to shout, not to cry at their cruelty, not even to engage. It's to show them up for just how crazy and stupid they are. Here is the way those kids reacted to the Archangel of Hate, Fred Phelps. My favorite sign is “God Hates Gen Chem,” but “God Hates Figs” is a close second.

All photos by froboy. Used under a Creative Commons license.

Phelps protesters arrive at University of Chicago with their crazy signs.

U of C students respond with signs of their own.

A flyer on the abomination of figs.

A fraternity comes out against hate. Watch the video.

Over 100 counter-protesters outnumber the eight-or-so Phelpsies.

The Phelpsies, vastly outnumbered, retreat.
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It seems that the nuts forgot that free
speech can be a 2 edged sword.


While the Fraternity "protest" seemed to be all in well-intentioned fun, please keep in mind that these are straight men caricaturing what they see as a gay stereotype (under the protection of a sign that is sure to guarantee that no one ACTUALLY thinks that they are queer). I think it's a lot more brave and important for GLBT people to make the same kinds of statements, and I wonder if those frat men would have the courage to hold up more simple and ambiguous signs in support of their peers? This kind of demonstration was probably just a rehash of the time they dressed up as the village people for a halloween party, for laughs. Doesn't mean it's queer-friendly.

I don't think that ALL free speech is made equal (Westboro Baptist Church case in point) and I feel the same way about protest. I think that it was a bad call for these frat guys and I'm kind of surprised you posted that here.


I'm sorry Scott, I disagree. I think they chose the dancing display specifically to irritate the protestors more than anything. At least, that is how it comes across to me. (The original story makes that a bit clearer than this quick review, however.)


God dose not hate anyone, he tells us in the Bible not to lay with your own kind and not to have sex with the same sex but he loves everyone no matter what. He don't like what we do, and he will punish those who do not confess thier sins and repent but he loves each of us.


God does not love everyone, he is angry every day with workers of iniquity - those who wont believe - if they wont repent then he has ordained 'the arrows of their destruction' they will go to hell right on schedule. Dont believe the lie that God loves everyone, fear him and obey the commandments


LOL!! College students are always clever. Much more sane than the Westboro extremists.


I am ashamed that people like the Phelpsies--and Chopper, who commented above--purport to share my religion with me.

God loves everyone. Christians are called to seek equality and compassion for all people--no exceptions. Leave the judgment to God. He doesn't need help. Just do your best to love and care for everyone while you're here.


If you want a wake-up call, read the 2nd chapter of Romans from the Message Bible. It points the finger right back at us christians...Very blunt and to the point!!


What's a message Bible? Is that the one that was re-written for liberals and fags?


Ok Tom...Lets see if the New King James Version is more to your liking
Romans 2:1
Therefore you are inexcusable O man, whoever you are who judge, for in whatever you judge another you condemn yourself; for you who judge practice the same things.

Now I'm not much of a preacher. It's not really my calling. But it's pretty clear to me. Perhaps when the 10 commandments were written God should have been more specific. Something like "Love thy neighbour, however since in the future when you become a more globalized society you'll have contact with way more people and not just the people with in a hundred mile radius of wherever your tent is parked, revise that to love all people...but by that time I will have sent my son & he'll explain all of that to you when he gets here". Yeah, that's it. Maybe the 10 Commandments were just a little too vague for some.


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