Indecency? More like Inconsistency.

What do the ACLU and Nicole Richie have in common? We both have problems with the FCC’s new practice of imposing major fines on networks that air even “fleeting expletives.

And we’re notalone! Todaythe ACLU was joined by 10 wide-ranging organizations, from the First Amendment Project to the Directors Guild of America, on a friend-of-the-court-brief filed with the Supreme Court.

In the brief, we criticize the FCC’s regulation of "indecent speech" as arbitrary, inconsistent and irreconcilable with core First Amendment values and urge the Supreme Court to uphold a lower court ruling (PDF) in FCC v. Fox Television stations striking down the recent FCC attempts at censorship.

Here’s an excerpt:

The FCC’s conduct in the thirty years since Federal Communications Commission v. Pacifica Foundation, 438 U.S. 726 (1978), narrowly permitted censorship of “indecency” has been unpredictable, at times sweeping, and highly subjective. The problem intensified in 2004 after the Commission announced that even one “fleeting expletive” was now, in most circumstances, barred from the airwaves; then applied that new rule to reverse its previous decision that the rock star Bono’s single exclamation (“fucking brilliant!”) was enough to make a Golden Globe Awards program unlawfully indecent and profane. In the next two years, the agency made additional arbitrary judgments, finding no indecency in the movie Saving Private Ryan" with its many expletives, but condemning the Martin Scorsese documentary, "The Blues" because of vulgar words used by musicians and their music industry colleagues. Thirty years of such discretionary and inconsistent decision-making compels the conclusion that the entire indecency regime is vague, arbitrary, capricious, and overbroad. The fleeting expletives rule in particular has had a widespread chilling effect on valuable programming. And the unconstitutionality of the present system is not remedied by the existence of a late-night “safe harbor” for possibly indecent programs.

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Truth Be Known!

"Freedome of Speech", is not just an open statement! It doesn't mean we have the right to say anything we want. The Constitution and Bill of Rights were written with a foundation of Morals and Ethics...that were founded by the Bible! Why all this historical revisionism?

We have the right to free speech while acting in a moral and ethical way! Our founders did not say we could just act the way we want! We must act in accordance with a standard...there is such thing as Right and Wrong!!!

The ACLU was a communist orginazation from the's ideals are just as damaging!

Read the writings of our Founders...all laws, rights, and governing ideas were based on a standard of morals and ethics derived from our "Creator."

Unfortunately, a group of individuals with influence decided that those morals and ethics prevented them from doing what they wanted to do, so they decided to create an orginization that will attempt to destroy the Founding Ideals!!

....and now we have the nation we have today...babies being killed every 22 seconds, the family is being destroyed, marriage is no longer significant, no discipline, no personal responsibility, we live in a nation of blame, a government that has to do everything for the people...because people can't do anything for themselves!

And now "TRUTH" is relative! How bad off does this nation/world need to get, before we will see the "Truth" and understand that there is something bigger then us! There is "Absolute Truth" and our Founder's had a pretty good idea as to where it comes from!!


The truth is just fine but don't think it applys in mississippi. Heres one for the record. What would the founding fathers think of this.

Stay Informed