Protecting Children and Free Speech Online

This video explains how the ACLU proved that the Child Online Protection Act was unconstitutional.

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When obscene speech and child pornography are already illegal online, what else is harmful to minors? Who decides? Watch Chris Hansen of the ACLU First Amendment Group explain the nuances of the Child Online Protection Act, which was declared unconstitutional when the Supreme Court refused to hear further appeals in January 2009.

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R. Watkins

Dear ACLU,

The United States is a not a great country because of you, it is a great country in spite of you.

J. Thomas

I truly believe in the consitutional right to freedom of speech grounded in the context of its origin, but child pornography isn't a form of speech in any sort of understanding - it is nothing less than a crime against children. It is a shame that educated people who represent the ACLU can justify it being freely distributed on the internet knowing that it will contribute to far too many social wrongs to feed the child molestor, misguide a young child, and to further the sickness of those who are addicted to child porn. Why doesn't the ACLU speak out now and then on what is right and wrong. I have never been a supporter of the ACLU; and can't until it states that child porn on the internet is not freedom of speech, and stand instead upon the foundation of what freedom of speech was intended to be!

Jerry Clark

It's about time that parents got involved with their children and their activities and not leave this important task to others. The ACLU only does what others wish they could and is not afriad to stand up for what is right. The ACLU also keeps in check those who wish to push their morals or lack thereof on all of us.


J. Thomas. Creating, owning, and distributing child pornography is still a crime. Nothing has changed.

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