Heads: Detention, Tails: Detention

It is difficult to divine the purpose of today's closed-door session and tomorrow's on-the-record hearing of the military commissions at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba. Although President Obama called for the suspension of the Bush-era commissions shortly after taking office four months ago, and despite his recent announcement of his plan to "fix" the commissions, the mystery that is Guantánamo marches on, seemingly oblivious to state-side developments.

The ostensible goal of the hearings is to resolve two preliminary issues in the military-commission trial of Omar Khadr: his selection of counsel - an issue that has plagued virtually every military-commission proceeding - and the prosecution's request for a stay of the proceedings.

But resolution of those two issues seems a meaningless endeavor in light of President Obama's decision to scrap the current military commissions and even more so given the replacement for them that President Obama outlined in his speech at the National Archives.

In that speech, the president focused on one overriding theme: he will under no circumstances release someone who he considers to be "dangerous," whether or not he can prove it. Around that organizing principle, the president constructed a simple system of detention. If there is good evidence of a detainee's guilt, he will try that detainee in federal court. If there is perhaps some evidence, but it is tainted by coercion or for some other reason would not convince a federal court of the detainee's guilt, he will try the detainee before a military commission, where the rules are rigged in favor of the prosecution. And if there is no viable evidence of guilt, but the president really thinks the detainee is dangerous, the president will simply detain him - indefinitely and preventively.

This plan, if carried out, would give President Obama the dubious distinction of being the first president in our nation's history to seek congressional codification of an expansive system of preventive detention. Perhaps even more telling, however, the plan amounts to a plea for Congress to enshrine into law, perhaps with some as-of-yet-undefined oversight, the power that President Bush asserted without any statutory support.

It is in the shadow of this heads-I-win-tails-I-win system of guaranteed detention that this weekend's military-commission hearings take place. What purpose they serve is a mystery to most here. But on they will go.

(More to come after tomorrow's on-the-record hearing.)

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Bill (the Non-C...

If we can't convict an alleged "terrorist" because of faulty evidence or because we used torture to get them to talk, then we should do the same thing with them that any American prosecutor is obliged to do when they screw up and don't follow procedure: cut the accused loose. They're too dangerous to release, many say -- well that's too bad -- we must eat our mistakes, as we do all (well, most of) the time in botched prosecutions if we're supposed to be a nation of laws. Many fear that it will put American lives at risk if we follow the rule of law, but we died for that "rule of law" and other freedoms beginning in 1776. We'd still be speaking the Queen's English if we were the p, (whoops!), I mean, "wussies" that Right-Wingers and a growing number of Democrats are calling us. History shows we're not a nation of cowards who would trade our freedoms (e.g.: having our phones tapped) if it saved a few of our lives. No, not me -- I'm not a sissie -- and I resent politicians characterizing me as such. Freedom costs; sometimes it costs lives (but it's worth the price).

Peter Rubenstein

I just wrote an email to President Obama by clicking on the "Contact us" link on whitehouse.gov

Dear President Obama,

I am an early and continuing supporter of your campaign and your administration, but I have some deep concerns about your recent statements regarding the treatment of prisoners and rule of law.

Please do not bow to some people's fears and base instincts by allowing a system of "justice" that has pre-ordained outcomes. Even if you or someone in your administration thinks a given individual is a danger--if it cannot be proven in a fair court of law--he must be released! Not for the sake of that individual but for the rest of us--for our society's ideals, our principal of the rule of law.

No matter how badly we'd like to circumvent the inconvenient rules of evidence and even-handed justice when we "just know" someone is guilty, we must hold back! We must not allow our fears to override the best gift we can give to humanity: fidelity to the ideals enshrined in our Constitution and our laws.

If we allow our laws and ideals to be overridden by these events, we will pay a price for it: in future abuses and in the loss of standing to promote these ideals on the world stage. All of humanity will lose out because we could not hold true.

Please reconsider your decisions regarding the continuance of Military Commissions and, especially, the system of indefinite detention you have proposed. I beg you to stand up against demagoguery and fear and be the force for reasoned intelligence that we know you can be.

Thank you for your attention,


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So. The president/government can classify someone as dangerous and lock them up indefinitely? On their own arbitrary decision?

We are to acquiesce in this?

Presidents and administrations’ statements are true? Need no independent corroboration? Like the decisions/rationales for assaulting Iraq?

Of course this is blatantly in conflict with the Constitution.

My question is: how can we have a sensible discussion of such a lunatic proposition?


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