Heller Decision and the Second Amendment

So, we've been getting a lot of comments about the ACLU's stance on the Second Amendment. For those of you who didn't catch our response in the blog comments, here it is again:

The ACLU interprets the Second Amendment as a collective right. Therefore, we disagree with the Supreme Court’s decision in D.C. v. Heller. While the decision is a significant and historic reinterpretation of the right to keep and bear arms, the decision leaves many important questions unanswered that will have to be resolved in future litigation, including what regulations are permissible, and which weapons are embraced by the Second Amendment right that the Court has now recognized.

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Informed Surf

ACLU: Stop!!! No...the world is flat!!! Go neither east nor west via thine ship. Surely thine arse shall fall o'er the edge of the earth!! Come hither surf!!! Oh bloody fuck! Let them eat cake!

ACLU Supporter: But Sir, they shall fall off the earth and die a bloody, gruesome, horrible and miserable death!!!

ACLU: Bloody fool! The world isn't flat...we just say that so people will not leave. If all the bloody fools left, who would we control?! Fear and ignorance are all we have left!

ACLU Supporter: Bloody brilliant. Observe the facts, and deny their existence by playing on people's collective fears! Bloody brilliant!! Now I see why thine wife calls you the “impotent one”!

ACLU: Omnipotent, fool, not impotent!

ACLU supporter: Oh no, sir…she said “impotent”. She was quite clear. She said she wished you could fuck her like you fuck with people’s rights!


I used to be a member of ACLU. A few years ago I let my membership lapse because of their position on the 2nd amendment. It looks like it will be a long time before I send the ACLU any more money.

By the way, ALL NINE of the SCOTUS judges agreed that it is an INDIVIDUAL right. That's right, even the four dissenters said it is an individual right.


Because of this ridiculous policy, I will be withdrawing from the guardians of liberty monthly contribution program. You can't pick and choose which rights you are going to support. As long as your head is buried in the sand, you won't see any of my money.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the ACLU stand for "American Civil Liberties Union". Which unless I'm mistaken would strive to defend the constitution and amendments. Or more realistically in this case defend which ones fit your agenda.

Not recognizing the ruling of the Supreme Court flies in the face of one of this countries basic principles, and frankly since just about everyone already "knew" that the 2nd was an individual right, your position is just childish.

Perhaps you should just defend the rights you want to defend and have no opinion on the other ones. And when the time comes, I'll renew my NRA membership.


The ACLU was wrong, is wrong, and now defiantly trumpets it will continue to be wrong.

Given that setup:

(1) Why does the ACLU persist in stating it supports individual rights?

(2) What else is the ACLU patently wrong about that it won't admit?

(3) Why should patently wrong behavior be supported, by word, deeds, or funds?


Effective family planning being economically advantageous to the republic, the right of the people to obtain abortions shall not be abridged.

Now if an amendment said that, do you think the aclu would say that is an "absolute, individual right" to obtain an abortion?

As usual, the aclu only supports those rights that agree with its agenda.

Anyway, I think I will go out and celebrate Independence day by ordering a new semi automatic pistol.

Turk Turon

Before Heller, the ACLU had a principled neutral stand on the Second Amendment. Namely, that the ACLU was unable to articulate a civil-liberty rationale for supporting the 2A. OK, fair enough; I disagree but I understand.

Now, though, the ACLU has actually expressed OPPOSITION to the 2A. This is a dramatic change in policy and should only be addressed by the Board. You should withdraw this statement of opposition to the Heller decision until the full Board can address the matter.

I joined the ACLU with the expectation that it was an organization that supported ALL of the Articles of the Bill of Rights, not just those that the Left finds congenial.

You have defended Nazis and the KKK, but you draw the line at the NRA? That is indefensible!


The ACLU's position of the 2nd amendment has consistently shown that this organization pick and chooses which liberties it wants to defend, and those which it wants to bury.

The ACLU is more interested in social engineering, instead of preserving individual liberties. This recent Heller opinion simply confirms many people's long held belief.

Just out of curiousity, which other rights preserved by the constitution are "collective?"


Your position regarding the SCOTUS decision on the 2nd seems at odds with
your stated reason for your existance.


All things being equal, I'll take being a member of a Second Amendment rights group with no protection or recognition from the ACLU over being a member of NAMBLA with ACLU protection & recognition.

The ACLU has rightly sought to protect Civil Rights, but has always taken the position that the Second Amendment and it's place in the Bill of Rights doesn't really add up - it's a collective rather than individual right (as other posters hae noted, ALL the Amendments in the B.o.R. refer to individual rights) and now that the Supreme Court has finally ruled on the side of individual Second Amendment rights, the ACLU cries "foul" - shame on you!


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