The U.N. Human Rights Council adopted a scathing report today, consisting of 348 recommendations that address myriad human rights violations in the United States.

The report came out as a part of a mechanism called the Universal Periodic Review (UPR), which examines the human rights record of all U.N. member states. The council questioned the United States on its record earlier this week.

Although many of these recommendations in the report are redundant or too general to offer tangible solutions to the human rights situation in the U.S., they echo many of the concerns raised by U.S. civil society groups like the ACLU, who attended the review and offered concrete recommendations to reverse policies that are inconsistent with international human rights principles.

For example, the report adopted a recommendation made by Sweden to "halt the detention of immigrant families and children, seek alternatives to detention and end use of detention for reason of deterrence." The report also adopted several recommendations calling on the Obama administration to independently investigate allegations of torture documented in the recent Senate torture report and provide reparations to victims. Denmark, for instance, recommended that the United States "further ensure that all victims of torture and ill-treatment — whether still in US custody or not — obtain redress and have an enforceable right to fair and adequate compensation and as full rehabilitation as possible, including medical and psychological assistance."

In addition, the report included many fitting recommendations to address police brutality and excessive use of force as well as ending racial profiling against minorities and immigrants. Mexico recommended that the U.S. "adopt measures at the federal level to prevent and punish excessive use of force by law enforcement officials against members of ethnic and racial minorities, including unarmed persons, which disproportionately affect Afro American and undocumented migrants." Ireland, for its part, directly touched on the broken trust between American law enforcement and communities of color and recommended that the U.S. "continue to vigorously investigate recent cases of alleged police-led human rights abuses against African-Americans and seek to build improved relations and trust between U.S. law enforcement and all communities around the U.S."

While in some areas, like LGBT rights and freedom of speech, the United States' human rights record fares far better than other parts of the world, in many areas — including national security, criminal justice, social and economic rights, and immigration policy — the U.S. has an abysmal record compared to other liberal democracies.

This report sends a strong message of no-confidence in the U.S. human rights record. It clearly demonstrates that the United States has a long way to go to live up to its human rights obligations and commitments. This will be the last major human rights review for the Obama administration, and it offers a critical opportunity to shape the president's human rights legacy, especially in the areas of racial justice, national security, and immigrants' rights.

The Obama administration has until September to respond to the 348 recommendations. At that time, the administration will make a direct commitment to the world by deciding which of the 348 will be accepted and implemented over the next four years, and which will be rejected. While many of the recommendations fall outside the constitutional powers of the executive branch — such as treaty ratification and legislative actions on the national, state, and local levels — the Obama administration should use its executive powers to their fullest extent to effectuate U.S. human rights obligations.

The U.S. record for implementing U.N. recommendations has thus far been very disappointing, but if President Obama really cares about his human rights legacy, he should direct his administration to adopt a plan of action with concrete benchmarks and effective implementation mechanisms that will ensure that the U.S. indeed learns from its shortcomings and genuinely seeks to create a more perfect union.

The world will be watching.

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Robin Hamm - De...

AND YET AGAIN THE ABUSE ON NATIVE CITIZENS ...THE FORGOTTEN PEOPLE OF COLOR REMAINS UNSPOKEN! Just because my brothers and sisters are a smaller section if society never forget, the US has treaties to dispense with and resources and land to acquire from this small but over 600 unique nations of people. Please do more than follow mainstream popular issues! If you need examples, Dann sisters of Nevada -Sacred land theft for gold, PineRidge, lateral mining (after tribe refused to permit mining) of (I believe) uranium-poisoning water table now suicide is hughercthan anywhere in country, babies born ill and with cancer, cancer rates increasing, KXL-attempts to force it on private treaty land over Ogalala aquifer, Apache land grab (swap for mineral and arriable void financially worthless lands) of Dec 2014, the Lakota 57-children attacked by leading citizens including a police officer, shall I go on? Indian Country Today is a good source for ongoing bs being perpetrated on our Native peoples...shame on everyone for AGAIN erasing Indigenous peoples!


It must get old for you to have to bring this up time and time again and NEVER have any recognition of your concerns. Please never stop. What has been done to your people is deplorable.

By comparison, what has been done to the people displaced from Palestine is NOTHING, yet they get the attention of the entire world. Their area of the world originally belonged to the Jewish people, but the Jews were displaced due to conflict. A small area was given back to the Jews in 1948/49 by "the world," and when Israel was attacked in 1967 it seized land from those who attacked it. Now much of the world sees Israel as the bad guy for trying to exist.

To put this in perspective with your people, it would be like how your people had the entire United States as your own and then it was taken by the US government. The world got together and gave you back Arizona, then 20 years later you were attacked by the US government. You drove the US government back and occupied the pointy tip of southern Nevada as a defensive position so you cannot be attacked like this again. The people in the southern tip of Nevada cry about being displaced from the property they displaced you from over a century ago.

In a nutshell, that is why it is so insane that the people displaced from Palestine region (they have never been "Palestinians" at any time in history prior to their displacement) get all the press and the indigenous people of North America receive little or no recognition for the injustice that has been committed against them and that still continues to this day.

Good luck to you. I can only say that I am sorry and that what has been done to your people is not right. Please do not give up.


And you are right in this. The package should be completed.


As soon as y'all stop lying about who the indigenous people are. And get out of bed with the enemy. See your people chose to work with the white man because y'all were scared and didn't want to be enslaved like the real indigenous peoples were being. So you made a deal with the devil and now the devil had reniged you want help. Well the only way your people will get free is when my people do. And the so called Indian ppl will continue to suffer because you won't fight back.


Blacks have not forgotten your people nor the stories shared and passed thru time. If your people would stand with our people we are stronger and can make the difference. Now is the time to unite. And build the future where no race, culture or people are forgotten or mistreated. #WeArOne


A perfect example of the US violating human rights is the case of Rev. Edward Pinkney, a Black activist Baptist preacher, who was charged, tried, & convicted unjustly in Benton Harbor, Michigan for exercising his Democratic right of petitioning for a recall election of the appointed Mayor Hightower. Along with a major public land grab by Whirlpool Corporation, the increased water rates, and the outsourcing of Whirlpool jobs, this town has been gentrified. The powerful Whirlpool Corporation has bought legislators, officials, attorneys, and the entire justice system. It's Jim Crow in Benton Harbor. Rev. Pinkney has spoken at the United Nations headquarters, preaches across the nation, is a member of the Green Party, and has been fighting this corporate fascism in the USA for two decades. We should help him by spreading the word, contacting media, writing letters to legislators, and donating to his legal defense fund. He is almost ready to file his appeal for being incarcerated for changing dates on 5 signatures (and Judge Sterling Schrock turned these misdemeanors into felonies) even though there was absolutely NO evidence - none! Oh, and the jury was all-White (though Benton Harbor is 90%+ Black). Read about this case at and listen to Pinkney here: Go to to donate. Thank you!

Dan Slaby

Many of the criticisms are duplicates; it would be useful to tally up and rank the criticisms so that more attention can be made on the most egregious.

Irene Daniel

Thank you, ACLU, for taking on our great nation's toughest challenge: being true to its own self.

Linda Ayres


AMERICA's #WorkersComp system is also filled with Human and Civil rights violations, maimings and deaths.

Some arrogant insurance industry leased / owned doctors suggest 'if injured workers have human rights violations complaints... Take it to The Hague' Let's go.

Not a shot is fired but the maimings and killings of American workers by the profits before lives crowds is escalating. it's time for change. It is time for injured workers to unite..#SilentNoMore. If you are also an injured worker in AMERICA or elsewhere....Let's connect.

Here is a blog on basically a 3+ year domestic torture situation...a highly common set of circumstances.

Not only are injured workers harmed by the #GrandWorkCompFraud, so are shareholders and taxpayers as cost burdens are boldly shifted to the State, wreaking havoc everywhere... For the profits of the few. What a national shame!

Some bloggers call them "brown shirts" and some suggest orange jumpsuits for the perpetrators of crimes against injured workers. Who is next?

Think Think Think Whistle Blog

After all. ...WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW. ...We do not....forget.


police brutality is not just against immigrants and African Americans. it is against all races male or female !!many police officers are Boliesthat terrorize people with little to no consequences ever.. this needs to be stopped when they commit a crime they need to be held at a higher standard of the law and punished accordingly!!!


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