Trump's Muslim Ban Flies in the Face of International Law and Treaties the US Has Ratified

This piece originally ran at Al Jazeera English

The day after US President Donald Trump signed his now notorious Muslim ban, he spoke with Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel. Over the phone, she reportedly "explained" to Trump the United States' obligations under international refugee law, which requires the international community to take in war refugees on humanitarian grounds.

It's hardly surprising that President Trump had to learn about the United States' responsibilities towards refugees from a foreign head of state. But it's clear that after only a week in office his administration's lack of familiarity with and respect for refugee and human rights law is already charting a dangerous course for the country and the world.

While the exact scope and meaning of the executive order continues to be deciphered, on its face and as applied to date, Trump's order appears to violate several international treaties ratified by the US, some provisions of which have been incorporated into US law and cited as binding by the US Supreme Court.

In particular, the order seems to fly in the face of the 1967 Protocol Relating to the Status of Refugees which updated the post-World War II Refugee Convention of 1951, and other international human rights law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, religion, or national origin.

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Katherine Scourtes

This is for the lawyers that are defending the ACLU suit in the Boston court. In the news today, I've heard that the judge questioned the argument that the ban is exclusively directed to Muslims. I also heard that the ban EXEMPTS CHRISTIANS. If that is true, it proves your point.
Also, I read today in the Guardian that a recent CATO institute's study concluded that no Americans have been killed by any nationals of the countries on Trump's list.
On the other hand, although most of the high-jackers on 9/11 were from Saudi Arabia, that country is not on the list.
Where is the logic of the presidential actions?


Does anyone care about Americans anymore? It seems even the ACLU hates us.

Dan M.

Trump and his cronies have no logic or brains.


The ACLU does hate us - unfortunately, most liberals do not realize they are being used -they want to take over our country and implement Sharia Law-wake up and stop the immigration until we have control, and build the wall stop illegals we cannot afford -and stop the drugs coming over (Heroin) is killing our people-they get our people hooked on these drugs to make more money and use them up-stop the madness!


Quit brainwashing our children with your extreme liberal views- state colleges are paid by all tax payers-they are not feeding grounds for your personal propaganda! Control freaks -you have no right-you say you believe in freedom of choice and beliefs -not true- it's your way or the highway, and you know it-you live in your own fantasy world-wake up -


You people are the ones making this a"Muslim" ban but let me remind you of something, an executive order is simply an order to execute something that is already in place. This ban was drafted and passed by the Obama administration so if you think it's racist then you should be blaming Obama. You are part of the problem for reporting inaccurate information and promoting hatred towards our President. You're not trying to be part of the solution, instead you're promoting and influencing people to be the problem. Shame on you, I hope he shuts you down and sets up a group that actually cares about the people.


"This ban was drafted and passed by the Obama administration..." No it wasn't, he didn't plan anything about this EO. It's all on trump, fool.


Be thankful you are free to speak your mind - you don't like it here go to a country - see how you are treated there -no freedom of speach and no handouts that's for sure!


Got it. America has no rights to protect its citizens and its president is not allowed (according to activist judges) to perform his assigned duty to protect us. So much for co-equal branches of government. The constitution doesn't matter, laws passed by congress don't matter, only judges matter.


Why did the ACLU decide to abandon the defense of the rights and safety in favor of people from countries that hate us and have avowed to kill us????


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