If Donald Trump Implements His Proposed Policies, We’ll See Him in Court

This morning, Donald J. Trump was elected the 45th president of the United States, and the ACLU has a message for him.

President-elect Trump, as you assume the nation’s highest office, we urge you to reconsider and change course on certain campaign promises you have made. These include your plan to amass a deportation force to remove 11 million undocumented immigrants; ban the entry of Muslims into our country and aggressively surveil them; punish women for accessing abortion; reauthorize waterboarding and other forms of torture; and change our nation’s libel laws and restrict freedom of expression.

It's time to fight

These proposals are not simply un-American and wrong-headed, they are unlawful and unconstitutional. They violate the First, Fourth, Fifth, Eighth, and 14th Amendments. If you do not reverse course and instead endeavor to make these campaign promises a reality, you will have to contend with the full firepower of the ACLU at every step. Our staff of litigators and activists in every state, thousands of volunteers and millions of card-carrying members and supporters are ready to fight against any encroachment on our cherished freedoms and rights.

One thing is certain: We will be eternally vigilant every single day of your presidency. And when you leave the Oval Office, we will do the same with your successor as we have done throughout our nearly 100 years of existence. The Constitution and the rule of law are stronger than any one person, and we will see to that. We will never waver.

Read our Constitutional analysis of the public statements and policy proposals of Donald Trump



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the ACLU wasn't this fired up when gun bans infringed on the liberties of americans in this country. Nor were they this fired up when the no-fly list was created. Government spying, etc...oh well. but let's fight a man who is saying that people who broke the law should obey the law or be punished. Yeah. Great. Thanks a lot.




I like trumps ideas, for once we can get our country back and stop government giveaways


You are a bunch of losers..


Wrong, totally you are wrong Anthony Romero, are you illegal here in America? We the citizens of the United State agree with everything Donald Trump promise to do that's why he won last election and not only him but also Republican Senate & Congress.


Pres. elect DJ Trump's sexually harassed some women, but I don't think he rapes 12 year old girls. Pres. elect DJ Trump has denied some accusations by saying that some of the women accusers are too ugly for him to sexually harass. Pres. elect DJ Trump sexually harassed women he found pretty. As he can find many young beautiful women to have sex with, don't think he'd rape women who don't want him, though he sexually harassed & even abused women. Pres. elect DJ Trump (I do not support him) got some non-White votes-8% Black, 29% Hispanic, 29% Asian & some American Indian or Native American votes. Any protesters who wanted Hillary Diane Clinton to be Pres. but didn't vote, have no right to complain about Pres. elect DJ Trump. He won the election fair. As Pres. Obama said-don't boo, vote.


Well, this is not the time to sit down and see if they do those things. Resistance begins now!!

Sharon P.

I'm ready...I live in Cincinnati, Ohio and would love to volunteer for this just cause. I will be donating shortly.
“Pit race against race, religion against religion, prejudice against prejudice. Divide and conquer! We must not let that happen here.”
― Eleanor Roosevelt


I voted trump, deporting illegals is just deporting criminals, illegals are criminals the second they came to this country. Stop taking Muslim refugees that are causing terror and waterboarding in Cuba. None of this is against the Constitution. None of it is against the law. So ACLU you have no leg to stand on your just spewing a bunch of lies. Only idiots blindly follow and believe you. Yet over the last 100 years you haven't done anything against these issues our country faces.


Thank you for continuing to against injustice. I have been reading the comments and I am hopeful that the ignorance and hate that those supporting trump's policies will one day be superceded by the awareness that this country is great because of its diversity. Every one living in this country today had immigrant relatives at one time. Even trump's wife is an immigrant. In fact she admitted to working illegally in the US. Love trumps hate any day.


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