A Supreme Court Rebuke to the Trump Administration on DACA

In a sharp rebuke to the Trump administration, the Supreme Court today refused to hear the government’s challenge to a lower court’s decision ordering the government to keep in place the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA). Since the administration announced last fall that it was ending the program on March 5, many DACA recipients have already lost their residence and work permits.

While the court’s decision is good news, it doesn't end the uncertainty, confusion, and fear of deportation for the hundreds of thousands of undocumented young people who came to the U.S. as children.

The Trump administration ordered an end to DACA in September, claiming that it was unconstitutional. The University of California, numerous states, local governments, nonprofit organizations, and several Dreamers, including a young man from Brooklyn named Martin Batalla Vidal, who works at a nursing home and rehabilitation center, challenged the administration’s order.

On Jan. 9, a federal judge in the Northern District of California issued a nationwide injunction against the shuttering of the DACA program and ordered the Trump administration to continue accepting renewal applications for DACA. Then, on Feb. 13, a judge in the Eastern District of New York issued a similar ruling in the Batalla Vidal case.

Both courts ruled that the administration’s rationale for suspending the DACA program — that it was unconstitutional and conflicted with the immigration laws — was incorrect and violated the Administrative Procedure Act, which is a 1946 law that regulates federal agencies and provides judicial oversight over their behavior. The law prohibits “arbitrary and capricious” actions by federal agencies and provides a safeguard against unchecked power.

The Trump administration appealed the California decision to the Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, and also simultaneously sought review by the Supreme Court, asking it to take the case before an appeals court ruling. The administration had hoped it might be able to skip over the appellate court and have the case heard by the Supreme Court and decided by June. Today, the court refused, indicating that it saw no reason circumvent the judicial process.

The Supreme Court’s refusal provides a reprieve for DACA recipients, but it by no means takes away the urgent need for Congress to come up with a legislative solution. Even with DACA renewals continuing, nearly 800,000 DACA recipients live in fear that the lives they have built in the United States are in jeopardy. 

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A "conservative" U.S. Supreme Court rejected Trump's policies! Thank you!


about time his sharade comes to an end it was getting rediculous
want to end it than do it and don't play games with people's life. want your wall? easy cut the cost by obligating the immigrants them self build the wall 1 years worth of work for their citizenship. most immigrants are profecional builders painters wood installers roof installers masonry and landscapers im sure they can build a hell of a wall for you and they will. just provide the materials and you will have your wall for a fraction of the price. i garantee you will have at least 5 million workers for this project. keep a american contractor responsible for overseeing the project and its advancement make sure every person working there register and proove they been in the usa for at least 5 years and make sure they don't leave the country. get the immigrants to build the great wall of the united states. simple and easy the government profits the american people gets what they want and the immigrants become lawfull cotizens of the united states. than place a law that from that point on hirering immigrants will result in imprisonment of the employer along with a fine of 50,000 USD
problem solved a permanent solution.

Dr. Timothy Leary

DACA rhymes with caca, and do you know what that means ?


That you're full of shit.

Dr. Timothy Leary

No more than your President Trump.


Get rid of DACA. It's illegal. No free handouts. DACA didn't exist before Obama and these illegals were still here. Taking it away doesn't make any only worsens the self entitlement in them. They have had a taste of some benefits of a US citizenship thanks to Obama and now want the full version.

Dr. Timothy Leary

Please leave former President Obama alone. He did a good job as president. It is an enigma to me why people like you are always trying to denigrate him.


"Dr" Timothy Leary, are you talking about the "uncorruptible" Obama? The one who is not even a US citizen? The one who ignited a race war in America? The one who bombed thousands of innocents abroad through drones? The one who had scandal after scandal? (i.e. Benghazi, Fast & Furious drug cartel/shipping, IRS targeting conservative organizations, NSA unwarranted surveillance, The Iran "Deal", Clinton email scandal, wiretapping Trump Tower, FISA-Gate, protecting known pedophiles in Pizzagate, etc need I continue?) He did not do a good job. He will go down in history as the worst president since Carter, Hoover, and the Gilded Age Presidents. He started the entitlement attitude that Trump wants to end. He let millions of ILLEGALS come here ILLEGALLY and without vetting or a care. Do your research you cuck


Soon US Citizenship in the USA will be defined by the Gold Star on your drivers license, absent of any words like "TERM LIMITED". If your drivers license has the Gold Star and is good for maximum years allowed by the DMV, then you are definitely a US Citizen. The new USA will be defined by how your State DMV knows who definately, knows that you are a citizen. I will be converting my current drivers license for a one with Gold Star on it, which will be valid to the maximum years allowed by the DMV.

Any drivers license with the words TERM LIMITED or FEDERAL LIMITS APPLY looks sketchy, and will likely cause more problems in the future. This is what REAL ID gave us, a de facto National ID card.


What if you live a "car free diet"?


Stay Informed