Want to Throw a Wrench in Trump’s Mass Deportation Machine? Act Locally.

In September, the board of supervisors in Dane County, Wisconsin, passed a resolution to protect immigrants from the Trump administration’s mass deportation agenda.

The board, which represents the half a million people who live in Dane County, endorsed the ACLU’s Freedom Cities campaign and its nine model policies, which shield immigrants from discrimination, unjust government targeting, and attacks on their privacy.

This didn’t just happen on its own. The victory was the culmination of months of persistent activism from the local People Power group that I have been involved with since March. And this is just the beginning of our work.

I got involved in People Power earlier this year, and as a new activist, I was excited that the ACLU created a concrete blueprint that gave us clear, step-by-step guidance on how to advocate for the Freedom Cities agenda.

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With the ACLU’s support, we began organizing in our communities, holding monthly People Power meetings and regular talks with local law enforcement and elected officials, and reaching out to local partners and allies.

As part of our immigrant rights work, we spoke with six different law enforcement agencies and built personal relationships with the sheriff and key members of the county board who have experience working on immigration-related legislation.

Before these meetings, some officials were under the wrong impression that they had to work with ICE, but we were able to turn many of them into allies, urging them to take steps to make sure that immigrants don’t get ensnared in Trump’s deportation machine.

These meetings also helped us learn about the right actions to take to shepherd our resolution through the legislative process.

Now that the board has passed the Freedom Cities resolution, we have a new tool to hold our local law enforcement agencies accountable to make sure that they aren’t complying with unconstitutional policies and the anti-immigrant agenda coming out of the Trump administration.

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Sometimes it is hard to know the best way to go about making an impact where you live, but the Freedom Cities guide was an excellent on-ramp to activism, providing us with straightforward guidelines on exactly how to go about our advocacy work. We have continued to work on immigration issues with the county sheriff’s office and have also started lobbying our representatives in Congress to support the Dream Act.

We also know that we must support other organizations doing critical work in Wisconsin. Our People Power group is working with a local interfaith partnership and has helped raise money to allow Voces de la Frontera, a Wisconsin-based immigrant rights group, to hire a community organizer in Madison. It is with these groups and others that we are fighting back against a new attempt in the state legislature to punish local municipalities which limit their cooperation with ICE.

As we continue to advocate for immigrant rights and start our Let People Vote initiative, People Power members in Dane County are excited to continue the fight to make sure the Constitution works for everyone.

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If its "unjust" then why not challenge the immigration LAWS in court? If they are truly "unjust" then they will be ruled "Unconstitutional" in court. You won't launch a court challenge, though, because there is nothing unjust about a sovereign country deciding which foreigners to let in and which may stay. What is unjust is a system of immigration that HEAVILY favors one or a handful of groups of people. For example, a system that favors Mexicans and Central Americans to the point that they dominate our pool of low-skilled newcomers at the expense of other groups, especially darker skinned groups, like Africans, people from the Caribbeans, and darker skinned Asians. In addition to similar skin-toned South Americans, Eastern Europeans, Asians, and etc. In fact, for the sake of fairness and justness we should be keeping the Haitian TPS holders instead of the Mexican and Central American DACA recipients and, going forward, underrepresented groups should be given preference when it comes to immigration until the numbers even out.


Fortunately DACA and DAPA, products of the Obama-era favoritism, got overturned (or never enacted). DAPA would have taken the biased treatment of immigrants to a level never seen before. Basically all you would have needed to step on the path of legalization is a US citizen child. Which translates to, if you jumped the fence a few years ago, have zero education, don't speak any English, but managed to father a child, the federal government would have given you work authorization papers and a shield from deportation. However, if you came decades ago, lived 20-30 years in the country working hard and being a productive member of society, learned English, maybe even put yourself through college, but have no children - you're out of luck, buddy. Pack your bags.

Thank God DAPA never passed.

Any legislation or executive order should treat immigrants equally. What can you show for the time you spent in the US ? Education, work history, language skills, background check ? This is how it should be decided who can stay and who can't.


"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free."


favors mexicans...?

you know not what you say.
mexicans have a more difficult time legally entering the US. this information comes from officials within the system.

use the courts? they have bern rigged by corrupt conservative justices.

remove and replace, by ANY means necessary. we are overdue.



WRONG! Do your research before you post. Check out the annual quota for immigration visas for citizens of Mexico. Do you know the number it has been for years? ZERO. NADA. NOBODY can get into the USA legally from Mexico.


It is impossible for me to take you seriously posting as "Aninymous." Grow a set, leave your name, and we will talk.


It is impossible for me to take you seriously posting as "Anonymous." Grow a set, leave your name, and we will talk.


"Unjust" and "unconstitutional" are not the same thing. Slavery was obviously unjust but perfectly constitutional for decades.


I know right. Muslims are as bad as Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhist, Sikhs, Shintos, Yazzidis, Zoastrist, and all other organized religions. They put their people into slavery of one kind or another and rarely if ever allow the true self of the individual to shine through.

God is truly disappointed by this creation of man. Religion was created by humanity to attempt to understand our “connection” to the universe and creation. But we bastardize the teachings of truly wise and peaceful humans.

Instead we chose religion and war. You can keep your religions, you cane keep your Jesus, Buhdda, Muhammad, Moses, Krishna, and Aru Mazda (god bless their souls). You all bastardized their names and they are waiting for you in “special hevean”.


It is not that Mexicans and South Americans are favored. It's that their have more ties and are indigenous of these continents. So it only makes sense there are going to be more of them in comparison to other immigrants. Pretty simple to figure out


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