4 Ways Border Patrol Union’s Trump Endorsement Is Filled With Lies and Misinformation

Last month, the National Border Patrol Council — the union representing 16,500 of the Border Patrol’s 21,000 agents — issued a full-throated endorsement of presidential candidate Donald Trump, who notched another primary victory last night in my fellow border state, New York. So I thought this was as good of a time as any to break down why several statements in NBPC’s endorsement exemplify the agency’s reputation as the nation’s most “out-of-control” law-enforcement agency.

1. “Our own political leaders try to keep us from doing our jobs.”

Since 2005, the Border Patrol has been showered with resources — including $8.4 million to sponsor a NASCAR team — that allowed it to expand its ranks at a breakneck pace. This trend has continued under the Obama administration. Unfortunately, recruitment surges by law enforcement agencies have historically led to — at best — the hiring of unqualified officers and — at worst — widespread misconduct and corruption. The Border Patrol is no exception.

Border Patrol Budget, $Billions

According to CBP’s former head of internal affairs, thousands of the Border Patrol’s agents are “potentially unfit” to carry a badge and a gun. They are also routinely criticized for their excessive use of force, and then the agency massages the definition of “force” to make that number look smaller than it is. Agents at times fire out of “frustration” rather than out of fear for their own lives, and occasionally those shots hit innocent victims on the other side of the border, which in most places in the world would be considered an act of war.

In worst-case scenarios, asylum seekers are raped and left for dead.

The problem isn’t that politicians are trying to keep the Border Patrol from doing its job, but that they aren’t doing enough to ensure that the Border Patrol is doing its job responsibly

2. “If we do not secure our borders, American communities will continue to suffer at the hands of gangs, cartels, and violent criminals preying on the innocent.”

The Border Patrol union’s graphic fearmongering offends border residents and mocks crime statistics gathered by another federal agency, the FBI, that consistently demonstrate that border cities are among the safest in the nation. And how about the rhetoric claiming that immigrants who live here are violent criminals? Outright lies fed by xenophobia and hate.

In truth, when Texans in Laredo or El Paso or McAllen fret about threats to their safety, it’s not simply the cartels they have in mind, but the Border Patrol. Residents suffer a multitude of daily indignities at the hands of these forces who occupy rather than protect our communities all across the U.S.-Mexico border, here in Texas and in New Mexico, Arizona, and California too. And while the majority of Border Patrol officers get dispatched to join us in the Southwest, our Northern brothers and sisters are in no way exempt from the same routine indignities perpetrated by these federal law agents, from the East to the West.

(By the way, if the Border Patrol is so concerned about the threats posed by cartel members? Perhaps it should stop hiring them.)

W. Ralph Basham quotation on hiring cartel members

3. “America has already tried a young, articulate freshman senator … under whose watch criminal cartels have been given the freest border reign ever known.”

The “Deporter in Chief” has always been a staunch ally to the Border Patrol. See the budget chart above. Thirty-five percent of its officers wouldn’t have jobs were it not for Obama’s rapid expansion of this out-of-control police force.

And in the Obama administration’s quest to double-down on border enforcement, it has deported more undocumented immigrants than any administration that preceded it, locked up asylum-seeking Central American women and children in dismal and privately run detention centers as a “deterrent,” and rang in the 2016 New Year by announcing a nationwide roundup of undocumented  immigrants.

4. “There is no greater physical or economic threat to Americans than our open border.”

Ask any border resident down here — ranchers, moms, and veterans alike — forced to endure interrogations at the hands of Border Patrol within the sweeping 100-mile zone just how freely we can travel, commute, and move through our homeland. In addition to its 21,000 agents, the Border Patrol also has access to an array of technologies  —including tower radars, underground sensors, infrared sensors, mobile video surveillance systems, and on and on — and in a pinch can even call in air support from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (the agency overseeing them), which boasts an air force the size of Brazil’s.

So for the sake of my fellow border residents at the border, let’s cut through the misinformation and false, political rhetoric: Border Patrol’s excess and tactics have transformed our communities into theaters of war. But for the millions of Americans who live, work, and play here, we don’t have the luxury to exit stage left, nor do we want to. This is our home, marked by safe and tranquil cities, where cultural and economic exchange with our neighbors across the border fuels economies in America’s heartland. (The U.S. Chamber of Commerce agrees.)

The NBPC’s statement reveals yet again its inability to take this into account — not to mention a willful and shameful ignorance of the facts.

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Whiny article...


Irony...whining about an article you think is whiny.


If your only retort to an article backed up with facts and data is to call it "whiny" then their point is probably valid.


Fitting, given the whining from the Border Patrol.

texas free ranger

Do you have lots of experience on the border. Why don't u broaden you comment?


well i guess telling the truth about our out of control police on the border and refusing to see the facts as they might seem whiny to some but there needs to be something done about it and there is nothing that has been done to make it any harder for drugs to cross the border so why do we even have the border patrol


Billions of dollars for an unaccountable standing army?


Lol this is comedy , ignorance is hilarious


This whiny shit is the new generation? Lol lol

Paul Ochoa

Having been born in El Paso and lived there until 26 y/o, I've never experienced ANY excessive hassle from border agents at any time during that time and/or any time of the two years I lived in Juarez. Crossing back and forth, sometimes multiple times a day at different crossings depending on what my errands were that day, it certainly does become a big time waster simply because of the lines. Back in the 80's the Bridge of the Americas was the worst with up to 2 hour waits during the week and on the weekends it was even worse.
It's true, the government is working with the cartels on a number of projects to "fundamentally change" the United States. After reading Astrid's article I'm left expecting Astrid to finish telling the ENTIRE story. But, I come to my senses remembering this is a pro-illegal alien group and no one will ever hear a peep about illegals causing damage to our country and way of life from any of them.


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