Immigrant Detention: The Human and Economic Costs

Most people don't know that in this country we lock up people without a trial or a hearing, sometimes for years. But this is the case for thousands of immigrants, many who have legal claim to remain in the country. This AP story, which quotes Judy Rabinovitz from our Immigrants' Rights Project, lays out the human and economic costs of detaining immigrants for prolonged periods of time.

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ambassi advocacy

There is no current system to address all problems concerning Immigrants, homeless, street people nor workers rehabilitation.

*Immigrants currently are overloading the communities, were the tradition poor citizens dont get adequate positive representaion nor proactive
resources nor trust-worthy administrators to govern such.

* Immigrants should be taught civic duty, such as litter free communities,
and civic responsibility.

* Motto of the Day
"Freedom is privalege earned; not a privalege given freely. This is how America was born, To be a free citizen, we earned the right to do so. we lose that freedom when we become irresponsible citizens"


This sounds like Stalin's Gulag.


When did "Immigrants" who are lawfully not entitled to be here, receive such special treatment. America can not be all things to all people. How about giving Americans the things that the Immigrants get for a change. I believe regular Americans would like to have the ACLU backing us for once. Why is it that you back every one who is NOT an American?

ambassi advocacy

Rember the Alamo?


Lets live in the here and now. We cannot change anything that has happened in the past. We need to live in today. Also it has been proven that man is destined to repeat his mistakes. And you will never change that.


Should a non-citizen be protected by the consitution. When you consider the strain that immigrants, illegal and legal alike, are putting on this country, perhaps illegal immgrants should be summarily deported.

Agreed and agreed

I believe the ACLU's immigration policy is greatly at odds with the majority of the American people. I believe they greatly downplay the harm it does to the lower unskilled labor as well as creating a shock to US culture instead of integration. I understand they feel the need to represent these plights however to do so at the cost of the most disadvantaged Americans is a disservice to all of us and why I will never become an ACLU member.

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