What Justin Bieber's Arrest Would Mean for Another Non-Citizen

When I wrote about Justin Bieber's trouble with the law last week, we didn't know how far he'd fall in just a few days. Now Bieber has been arrested for late-night drag racing in Miami Beach. If convicted, another immigrant in his situation would very likely languish in immigration detention before being deported. That person—like 84 percent of people in immigration detention-- would also likely not have an immigration attorney, let alone a high-priced one.

While the media is focused on what will happen to Bieber, let's instead focus on what will happen to all of the other immigrants who are detained and deported for lesser offenses than his. Learn more about them.

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This handling of his case and his repeated violations of American laws should get him deported. Living in Arizona this is a subject that I am familiar with. ALL Hispanic law violators are immediately incarcerated and deported. This is the way it is. Just because a person is a "pop star" does not excuse the behavior. I would like to see him pull this crap in my state. Even if he is in the US legally ,if he breaks the law he will be taken to Canada and will not come back!


Immigrant deportation is NOT an american civil liberties issue. We need to protect the rights of people who are citizens here--not the right of people who are not to stay here even when they commit crimes. We're a country, not a homeless shelter, and as harsh as it may sound, we have no obligation--or good reason--to worry about people who are not our own, as long as we have more pressing problems like seventeen TRILLION dollars of debt. Let's wait to help other people until we're in better shape ourselves.

TestJeff Pierce

I assume Justin Bieber is a legal immigrant in our country.

So, the real question is what would happen to a legal immigrant? I would expect they get the same option for court hearing and bail as anyone else, including you and me.

Sara E.

While I strongly support the ACLU as well as advocacy on behalf of immigrant rights and immigration reform, the author here is incorrect. DUI and drag racing do not fall under the categories of crimes that make a noncitizen who is in the US legally deportable. The immigrants the author mentions who are "detained and deported for lesser offenses than [Bieber's]" would be immigrants who are in the US without status; they are not charged as deportable for their criminal convictions. Rather, their arrest for a lesser crime than Bieber's (often these arrests are a result of racial profiling, where local police are looking to charge an immigrant so that they can detain them and then contact ICE to check whether they are in the US legally, but that's an entirely different conversation) puts them in a position where ICE discovers their presence in the US without legal status and they are thus charged with deportability
Please check your facts; writing articles so as to bring attention to real immigration issues only hinders progress on those issues when the article is incorrect.


Wow, something I actually take sides with the ACLU on! :D


so, deport them


The way this article is written, it makes it sound like Justin Bieber is illegal, and though he is from Canada, I don't think he is illegal. Also, how does his arrest have to do anything with illegal immigrants. If an illegal immigrant comes to this country and causes trouble, they don't deserve to be here. The only way they get caught by the popos is if they commit a crime. Therefore, the only way to not get caught is to simply not commit the crime. This way, you are not being bothersome to those who have earned their citizenship.

This article was probably written by an extremely left-ist liberal.


just deport justin


as a matter of fact you need only to be charged with a crime that gives you either probation of up to one year 0.. and it doesn't matter wha how long you been here if you were here since the age of 3 it doesn't matter only when you been paroled an admitted into this country illegally Only legally. it's one thing to deport somebody that just came here but another to uproot a family and separate them. especially when most of them have citizens children or family members...


Don't know why the comparison, one is a citizen and the other is not. That is like one saying they are going to make applesauce from a picture of an apple vs the apple itself. One is an apple and the other is a picture of an apple.

~Ms Canuck


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